Trenbolone Acetate

Okay, do we need the input of someone who has used injectible tren made from fina pellets? Well, here it is…

Tren is beautiful in many ways, and horrible in others. There is the likelihood that it will turn your pecker into a wet noodle for weeks on end. I couldn’t get it up if there was money involved while on the stuff, but that’s because of one reason - I was stacking it with primo and winstrol at the time, not testosterone, (which is now highly recommended!) Take it with test, and most people don’t report having the same erectile problems I did. Just as well, when it DID work on rare occasions, I was prone to blow my wad WITHOUT orgasm. Can we say NOT FUN???
Also, in regard to the toxicity issue, I’d done a fair share of gear experimentation in my time before calling it quits, and NOTHING ever made my kidneys feel the way they did while on tren. Gave me a nice jabbing pain for a few weeks, but then again, I did 100-125mg tren e/o/d for 5 weeks, took 4 days off (should have been a few weeks, but I was too anxious,) and went on for 3 more weeks. Took almost 3-4 weeks of being clean until the pain stopped. So, if you’re going to use tren, drink lots of cranberry juice, ‘cuz it might just help!

Also, in regard to the sterility of the kits used to make the injectible tren, I’d have to say that they were safer than much of the dirty gear from Mexico that has been floating around for ages which has given abcesses to a few people I know. Why use DMSO when it’s said that only around half of the tren gets into your system when you can spend $30 to get a kit to make 200 pellets worth of liquid gold? Shot two full cartridges’ worth of tren into my arse with them, and never felt so much as a twinge of pain or any problem at all. As long as you don’t play home chemist and try to do the terrible sesame oil version and know where to get the right equipment, it can be safer than you’d think.

As for results, let me just say that while cutting up with 100-125mg tren e/o/d, 50-75mg winstrol e/o/d and 300mg primo /week I was able to drop from a blubbery 238 lbs. down to a much leaner 215, all the while having my strength actually INCREASE when it was going on. Of course, this added strength quickly left me once I kicked out the tren, even while still on the winstrol and primo, so beware the belief that it will be permanent, because it all odds, it won’t be.

So, I just thought some of you kiddies needed to get some info from someone who has done the deed, 'cuz a few of you are squabbling about what you’ve heard from the mags and from friends rather than gaining knowledge through experience. It reminds me of kids on the playground talking about sex - they know what it is, but they have no idea how it’s done.-


You may have experienced flank pain but if you did not
have a renal issue before, tren certainly would not have
caused renal problems (and unlike with hepatic insult,
kidney damage would have been permanent).

I have used tren at 50mg per day for 8 weeks. I have had
weekly labs done the entire time along with a U/A biweekly.

There was no changes in BUN/creatinine/albumin/prealbumin
and my U/A’s did not show NH3 or glucose or anything.

No nephritis/nephrosis.

Tren is NOT toxic to the kidneys!!! Where the heck to you
guys hear this hogwash? Why do people parrot back what
they hear, putting themselves in the position of “expert”,
when they have ZERO idea what they’re talking about?

I am not denying you felt something/thought you felt
something in your “kidneys” with tren. Were you urinating
blood? Did you go to the doctor’s and tell him that you
had pain? I mean, if I had flank pain and thought my
kidneys were screwed up, I would be in docs office ASAP.

–Brock Strasser

I have to agree with Brock completely. The “kidney” thing
about trenbolone is a myth – aside from the fact that
there is NO evidence of any problem there in the medical literature, of
the couple of dozen athletes I’ve consulted who use TA,
none of had any problem in this area nor any of the other
unusual areas claimed in the steroid books and recently
claimed… It’s like if a popular book (by someone who
may not be right on every point) says something, then
people will say, “That happened to me!” Sort of like
how when Duchaine said Nolvadex reduced gains (purely
a theory and not a very well-founded one) immediately
everyone started reporting how Nolvadex had hurt their
gains…" woulda gained 40 lb this cycle not 30 if not
for that damned Nolvadex!" If Dan had said orange juice
cuts gains, same story… guys would be telling how they
experienced that too. It’s the placebo effect, it’s human
nature, it’s the difficulty that you don’t know what WOULD
have happened had you not used something and trying to

Sure I agree, the number of guys I know who have used TA
is small relative to the number using more common steroids,
it would be better if my sample were 100 or more, but it’s still enough for me to say with confidence that
there’s no issue here with many of the unusual problems
being claimed. It’s like any other nonaromatizing, non-17-alkylated anabolic steroid, except more potent.

Now it IS true that Parabolan does seem to have something
weird in it – you can taste something on your tongue
(not trenbolone) shortly after injection – and there
are a lot of counterfeit Parabolans which may have who
knows what in them, and most people that use injectable
TA are injecting quite a lot of binders as well as some
oxidized TA along with it, and I can’t guarantee that
those components may not have some adverse effect, though
again, the athletes I know who have used such crude
preparations have had no trouble (one exception only,
no big deal in that case.)

I have heard the dark urine claim a couple of times from
users who are reliable sources, but this does not necessarily mean anything and furthermore isn’t generally
the case.

A question for ya, Brock…

Where did I declare myself “expert?” I stated that I had experience with doing two immediate back-to-bakc cycles of tren, and I reported what had happened to me. I don’t fall into a psychosomatic symptom because I’ve heard it happens, but when I’d been on gear for the greater part of 14 months and suddenly I feel pain in what I thought was my kidneys, what a med student friend of mine confirmed was the general area of the kidneys, and what everyone else who had pains while on tren assured me of what they were sure it was, then I have to assume that it was a kidney issue! Now, if EVERYONE other than yourself says that they were sure it was kidney pain, excuse me if I don’t flip on my opinion immediately. I may be wrong, (hell, I’ve been wrong countless times before!) but blasting me for sharing my story is rather unprofessional for someone who considers themselves so even-keeled. In any case, I had pain after about 4 week of tren, and it lasted another month from the time I ended. That, my man, you can’t argue, and unless you’ve got a better reason why it hurt in that area, as well as why my piss was dark and stunk like hell, then I’d love to hear it, so long as you can find me some proof…

'Nuff said-


Dark urine could be myoglobin. When I did tren, I trained
(really overtrained) and my urine a slight brownish/maroon
twinge and I tested + for myo. I thought I croaked my
kidneys but when I eased back on the workouts AND STAYED ON
THE TREN, the problem went away.


Making a slight correction… I should have said Parabolan “did” (not “does”) have this odd taste… real Parabolan
simply doesn’t exist anymore except where some individuals
have old stock. And there is very little of that around,
and none I think is being sold by any dealers. Only
counterfeit or “private label” Parabolans are being sold,
some contain trenbolone, some are testosterone (and it
may be that some are something else but testosterone is
the fake that I’m in particular aware of.)

I have now hit my 3rd week with 900mg of fina converted into an injectable substance with nothing but more strength and MUCH harder muscles. (Due too less water retention)

The “Kidney myth” was created by The War 1996. The author was the first person in bodybuilding circles talking about Parabolan and Kidney problems…