Training Program

Hey guys, I was wondering if some of you could give me some insight to this question.
I have been surfing the “previous issues” section ever since I’ve discovered this magazine. I haven’t checked out the current issues section yet, so it surprised (and confused) me when you started talking about Mag-10 and M. Now I see it…
ANYWAY, I was wondering if I could construct a year round program that I could use indefinitely consisting of all of t-mag’s training programs (Limping, 12 weeks of super strength, gvt, gbc, 1-6 prin., wave loading, 12 weeks of pain, Bring on the pain, meltdown, etc.) Do you think it would be alright to periodize between these and see good strength and Size gains using the right supplements?

Also after I get out of Basic training I want to try out Mag-10, Tribex-500, T2 pro, Methoxy-7, and some others (not all at the same time). During what phases would be the best time to take all of these different supplements, (e.g. strength, hypertrophy, [including diets like bulking or a fat stripping diet])??? Thanks Guys…

Training and Diet Programs are dependant on what your short and long-term goals are. Decide what these are and then pick a routine in concordance with your goals.
For example something like gbc is more geared toward fat loss than say strength gain.
It all depends on your goals.