Training bis

I’m 18 and having trouble training my bi’s. I can put on mass and strength relatively easily but I can’t get any sort of peak. My arms are big but flat. Can anyone suggest a routine (I normally train bi’s and tri’s together).

I know it is not the answer you were looking for, but the answer is losing bodyfat, not doing different exercises or a different routine. If you have the muscle size, then
all you have to do is lose the fat over
the muscle… or if your arms are big yet
you don’t have the muscle size, then you
SERIOUSLY need to lose the fat! :wink:

“Peak” is genetic, too. You can really train for it.

I beleive TEK ment to say(I hope),you CANNOT train for the peak of your bi’s. You either have it, or not.

You’re right, Logan. I mean “can’t”. Now, because of my type-o, the poor kid is probably out doing set after set of concentration curls and preacher curls so he can get peaks like Larry Scott.

They’re are the size that they are 15.5 - 16 inches because of muscle not a huge layer of fat ( I do understand your point though). I guess more specifically I should have asked is there any thing I can do other than lose fat (I’m roughly 8%) to at least give the appearence of a fuller head?

No, I don’t think any exercises, other than
by increasing total size of the muscle, will
improve shape of the biceps. There’s a slight
exception in that if you train the brachiales
hard, this may create more of an impression
of a peak (I suppose by pushing the biceps
up, the brachialis being internal to the biceps for the most part.)

Ok, this isn’t the same thing, but it’s kind of along the same lines. I don’t know if it’s really a question…but I guess I’m wondering if anyone had the same problem and what they did/are doing. I’m not saying this in a bragging way, but I’ve got big, very well developed forearms. That’s not all that bad, but my upper arms look much smaller because of it. I mean I’ve got good tris and pretty good bis, but I look like fuckin’ Popeye with little twigs for upper arms because my forearms are so big. Anyone have this “problem”? Advice?

First off, my arms are about the same size as yours and I don’t think of mine as big. I am fatter though at 13%bf but arms are fairly lean. I have very long muscle bodies and almost no peak at all when I flex. I think that’s a big part of it.

Exactly how big are your forearms compared to your upper arms? Anyone know what a desirable ratio would be?

Lipo, in all honesty, I haven’t measured them in a LONG time…I would so I could tell you, but I’m at work right now and can’t really. But several different times when I’ve bitched about my shitty biceps, different people have told me that they aren’t small, they just look smaller by comparison. I mean I love the definition and size in my forearms, it’s great for grip in a lot of excercises, but it sucks that it makes my guns look like twigs.(exaggeration, but you get the point)
Oh well, I guess I should be happy with what I do have, huh?

I didn’t mean big as though I was boasting or thought of them as being anything remarkable. What I meant was they’re are of decent size for an 18 year old. I should have been more specific so by all admission compared to a number of people on this forum my arms are small!

Anothe factor could be arm LENGTH. If you have really long arms, they won’t look good til they’re huge. (I’m 6’4" with “gangly” 18" arms at 10%bf, my father in law is 5’9 with 16.5 inchers and higher bodyfat but his arms look pretty damned good. See the comparison?)