Train After Leg Operation


As someone said before, it would be better to post a complete topic and ask - so here it is.

I’m having surgery on my left femur 2moro and having metalwork taken out - therefore ill have a fracture and be on crutches for 6 weeks (acc to hospital) which means no leg weights etc, also I wont be able to stand and do weights because of hte support issue.

I would love it if someone would give me a simple program or ideas for a program to follow while I’m on the mend, as obviously I don’t want to waste and lose gains I’ve made previously. Obviously also, I don’t want to turn into a fat lump! lol. So all tips welcome…

More specifically, I’m looking for set / rep schemes for upper body exercises such as bench press / seated military press / dips / etc etc etc…

I’ll be at home, and only have a bench and dumbells to work with, its probably not as simple as if I had access to a gym.

Thanks in advance. Sorry If im missing vital info that is needed etc, please ask away… (edited due to me saying OBVIOUSLY too much hahah :|)