Too many drugs?

My training partner has recently decided to start his first cycle of AS (Deca+Winstrol i think). I don’t think i’m ready yet as i’m only 20 however, that is not the point. He’s currently using that Accutane acne treatment, and i’ve heard it can be harsh on the liver, along with other side-effects. I told him to wait til he finishes the accutane, or at least talk to his doc, but he reckons it’s ok cause his liver tests have been perfect so far (he has to have blood tests while on this stuff)and his acne is now cleared. Does this sound foolish to anyone else or is it just me worrying too much?

Accutane also causes protein synthesis to drop off,so it would be counter productive to do a cycle while on it,and along with the winstrol yeah that would be harsh on the liver,VDC

It’s considered a bad idea to use both at the same time, including by a couple of doctors I’ve talked with who are overall quite pro-steroid (being androgen users themselves.)

I’d avoid it with any androgen, and ABSOLUTELY
would avoid it with any 17-alkylated including
any kind of Winstrol (including injected: makes no difference.)

Thanks Bill, VDC. How long after finishing the Accutane do you think would be appropriate before he starts the cycle?

I think it is just a question of not having the two in the system at the same time. Now, isotretinoin (Accutane) has a half life of
30-40 hours, so I’d think that allowing a week after discontinuing the Accutane would be fine, if liver values were good at the end of the Accutane treatment.

Tell your friend that the steroids can make his acne come back. I took Accutane in HS for facial acne only. I started taking steroids after. ALL steroids cause acne on my back and shoulders. I also get some on my face after shaving. Being prone to acne, his will probably come back.

what about using androsol or nandrosol while on accutane?

hehehe, i printed out the posts for this question and he thinks he’ll wait now:)

From what i’ve read, the Accutane would be working to shrink the sebaceous oil gland, and the AS would enlarge it - twould be interesting to have seen the net effect. Me thinks his acne would have flared up too - bet it still does when he starts AS cycle.