TO d-rock regarding Growth Surge Split

hey d-rock, you made mention a few days ago of the fact that you only had barbells and dumbbells and no bench for your growth surge project but wanted to get the most out of your training.

Try this split:
Day 1
AM- Quads (as prescribed by J.B.)
PM- Chest
-3 sets of flat dumbbell presses (off the floor)
-3 sets of push ups (feet elevated on chair, arms spread out)
-3 sets of parallel dips between 2 chairs (place chairs together backs facing ea. other about shoulder width apart and use 402 tempo)
- you can get in 3 sets for abs here too…try situps or crunches with feet elevated on chair)

Day 2: AM-Shoulders (as prescribed by J.B.)
PM- Bis, Tris
-3 sets of barbell curls
-3 sets of dumbbell curls (triple strip sets)
-3 sets of California Presses into close-grip bench press (totally off the floor): try and grab a buddy for a spot, may take a total of 15 minutes of his time
-3 sets of one-arm dumbbell extensions (triple strip) - or - maybe ole school dips between two chairs or both

day 3:
AM- Hamstrings (as prescribed by J.B.)
PM- Back
- 3 sets of chins or pull ups, making sure to alternate whichever one you choose not to use you can opt to use it during your recovery training the next two weeks
- 3 sets of ole school T-bar rows (load one end of barbell with plates and affix other end in corner or something - at least place against a wall)
- 3 sets of bent-over barbell rows
-3 sets of upright rows (triple strip)

tell me what you think…of course any am can be switched with a pm workout , especially shoulders and arms…considering which time you can get to the gym. I just think it easier to personally concentrate on legs at the gym…may even want to throw in some olympic lifts (clean and press, snatches, etc…)

Strive for those two anabolic windows and the pumps are nuts. You will probably be swelling with blood as you struggle to hold in the enthusiasm while sittin in class - geese I gained 27 pounds while on my growth surge and have maintained it for 3 months post G.S.

was it the surge, the mag-10, the two-a-days…probably all of the above…bite the bullet and get in those two a days any way you can.

hope this helps.