To Bill Roberts re: MAG-10 for Injury Recovery??

I’ve been diagnosed with something called TZ Syndrome (not sure of the spelling) which my doctor, an ortho sports surgeon, described as an inflammation of the connective tissue between my left pec and the rib cage wall. It causes pain in the AM similar to a pulled muscle. He prescribed anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS like Aleve) and suggested I might want to have a steroid injection at the site of the pain (@4-5 inches below collarbone in left pec). Would taking MAG-10 (with its steroidal qualities) assist in my recovery? Not working chest and associated muscle groups is driving me nuts!!! Thanks for any input.

Purely as a guess if it were me, I’d feel OK
with trying it, but I’d be doing it completely cognizant of the fact that lacking specific medical expertise in that condition, there’s the possibility I could be doing something interfering with the treatment of the condition. Even though ordinarily I’m averse to asking a doctor’s opinion, in this case I would (and chances are, quite reasonably, since he probably has no experience with androgens in that situation, he’d recommend not using them. In my case I’d be interested
in seeing if he had a specific reason as well
and if he did then I certainly wouldn’t.)

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll ask my MD and then get back to you with his feedback.

I have an acquaintance in his mid 40’s who has had both major reconstructive knee surgery and shoulder surgery over the past few years. After each surgery he used Testosterone injections and amazed his Drs. with how quickly he was able to make it back to 100% recovery. I think there’s something to this although I doubt if you’ll find any studies or research on the topic.

Oh by the way your Dr. was likely referring to an injection of cortisone when he was referring to steroid injection. The effects of cortisone are quite the opposite of what an anabolic like Mag 10 or Testosterone would give you. If you were to use cortisone it would probably kill the pain but also might tend to weaken the musculature and surrounding tissues.

I think your doctor probably referred to a cortisteroid which encompasses a variety of adrenal-cortex steroids and not a “steroid” such as Deca, Primo, etc.

Kelly’s point about androgens generally
helping heal muscle and connective
tissue injuries is absolutely right.
It’s the inflammation issue that I don’t
know the answer to.

Androgens are often used no problem with
an inflammation from an injury, but for
all I know your specific case could be different.

I certainly hope your recovery goes well!