The Stupid Thread 2 (Part 2)

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Wouldn’t this be called The Stupid Thread 3?

I feel like that’s happened to one or maybe two other threads - they get called ___ 2 (Part 2) or something like that. Why not just ___ 3?

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I assume the (part 2) is autogenerated when the thread overflows. But it fits into the theme. Sort of like a tattoo that says, “No Regerts.” Or an office named, “The Redundancy Department of Redundancy.” No being smart when naming the stupid thread.

I think the name is perfect.


Just saw this and wanted to comment - I don’t think Grace Jones’ fuckboy was a waste of time…plus if it gave us Ivan Drago…

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(continuing from earlier)


Also, guess who is most unhappy with the woke direction of public “education”:

the proportion of American families home-schooling at least one child grew from 5.4% in spring 2020 to 11.1% in fall 2021 , according to a U.S. Census Bureau analysis. Meanwhile, the number of Black families choosing to home-school increased five-fold during that time, from 3.3% to 16.1%.

Conclusion: Stupid (nod to the thread title) patronizing “woke” leftist arseholes are cluelessly circle jerking each other.

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Are these kids who decided to not return to school after Covid and are still accessing their schools online? I just wonder if they differentiate between kids learning from home vs kids who are home schooled.

That is a very good synopsis.

When Bill Maher starts to see the idiocy of far left thinking you know it’s gone too far.

He’s been roasting the woke for awhile now


“There is no rationale for assault weapons and magazines that hold 5070 bullets”

No rationale for assault weapons” says the most well defended person on the face of the planet. Fuck right off Brandon - he jumps STRAIGHT to the fucking narrative ‘guns bad, guvmint good - you can trust us’.

IDK about you, but this sure as fuck doesn’t look like an AR-15 to me


I agree. I just see a white supremacist(edit: could also be a right wing extremist…pics are too fuzzy to tell which).

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Equality of Outcome in a can.


It’s classic socialism … everyone can’t be rich so well make everyone poor except with academics this time … shameful

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Why not just enroll all of them in honors english courses. They need to quit acting like those kids aren’t capable……


Thomas Sowell actually spoke about the damages of racial quotas RE mismatching students with expectations. It’s worth listening to if this piques your interest.

The issue with putting EVERYONE in honors programs is that some frankly aren’t able to keep up (this has nothing to do with color or background). Not everyone should be put in top 20% career positions because they simply aren’t capable; the same goes for schooling. I like the idea of honors programs for students who want them, but it raising the expectation bar can be problematic - so can lowering that bar.

“No Child Left Behind” took many opportunities away from advanced kids by spending additional funding on those who didn’t care about school and never would.


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My wife is a teaching major, and a lot of the lectures she’s forced to read through are blatantly “woke” and remind me of this. The worst was one that discussed how Asians/South Asians are “overrepresented” in honors/gifted programs, and how we are “underrepresented” in special ed programs. And the lecture also talked about how this fact was “concerning” and “alarming.”

Truthfully, I’d rather have all the students learn the honors material, because there are obviously plenty of kids in the “normal” classes who are capable but just lazy teens like I was haha.

How would that do the lazy kids any good? Presenting them with honors material won’t magically motivate them … the issue as you pointed out is their laziness which is by and large a learned trait

That just sounds like commie gobbledygook to me