The Stupid Thread 2 (Part 1)

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Well I tried to recreate it for you, but the Mods deleted it because it was to close to this one. So why not just rename this thread “The Stupid Thread 2” or something like that?

Done. And done and done

Did the old one hit max posts?

Speaking of stupid…

I’m just speechless. I mean, wow.

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Good grief,

Lol, Jesus.

“I’d like to see a Baltimore Raven’s game this year without feeling like I might be murdered”

Black person #1, “Don’t worry, fam, we’ll coordinate a ceasefire for the day.”

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I haven’t seen any trump supporters catch them selves on fire, just saying.


Prep your ears. This video in this one hurts.

I’m wondering who’s Dad got 5,000 dildos charged to their credit card…


Wow, the left has given up.

The “#FreetheTampon” initiative aims to provide all bathrooms on campus of both genders—yes, men’s too—with free menstrual products throughout the year, and comes shortly after Brown University recently implemented a similar program.

I don’t… Do they not teach basic anatomy anymore?

Apparently this person lives in a world where there is no war, no poverty, no misery and no news of any kind that matters because this nimrod had time to think about this:

I just have no words… I do believe in corporal punishment, this person needs to be beaten-senseless. Or have sense beaten into her. And the fact that the Post wasted ink on it, does not flatter them in anyway.

Cant make this shit up.

Good Lord, fuck me running. As I said in another thread, America is rotting from within.


“Oddly enough, though, this seemed to only foster more refined fart jokes and better coordination of awesome keggers.” - should be from the article

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This is genius. If anyone criticizes you, just say you are investigating toxic masculinity.

Who doesn’t want to be berated by a drably dressed, somewhat homely, sensible shoe wearing feminazi? The payoff is that after about five minutes of her blathering, she will have convinced herself that you are listening, into her cause- and become a blowjob dispensary.

I wouldn’t touch a feminazi with a 6 inch pole… and, good god are they present where I live.