The Stupid Thread 2 (Part 2)

How would that do the lazy kids any good? Presenting them with honors material won’t magically motivate them

A lazy kid will aim to get a C with minimal effort in a normal class. Put him in an advanced class, he will still aim to get a C with miniminal effort haha. He’ll learn more by default since he’s in an advanced class.

I had an eighth grade student who read and did math at a first grade level. In reality, he was illiterate as there wasn’t a level below first grade level. And this is not uncommon either.

The truth is, they are not. Would they have the potential if circumstances were different? Of course. But doing what is necessary to fill the gaps, what woke people refer to as privilege, is too difficult a task for the people in education who make these decisions.

We know what successful kids have, again what woke people refer to as privileges, but rather than try to figure out how to give kids who lack those “privileges” the same benefits, those privileges and success breeding behaviors are labeled white supremacist and racist. The work ethic you learned from your two married parents: white supremacy. Raised in a household where you were held accountable: white supremacy. Your father is not a convict: white supremacy. You are punctual: white supremacy. Read to your child: white supremacy. And so on.

So what the woke people want is to undo and dismantle all of the good things responsible parents teach their kids by example and by instruction in order to reach equality of outcomes.


Didn’t really know where to put this one.
My wife and I were having a discussion and basically I said I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting/desiring one’s wife to be physically attractive.
She said that’s a really gross attitude if you’ve been together for awhile. I firmly disagree with that.
Am I a shallow asshole here?


No. Marriage is better with a thriving sex life, and marriage without sex is a friendship with bad financial outcomes for one party. Sex is a lot more frequent between partners who are attractive. Not that you can’t have sex with someone out of love alone, but why would you - when you can be physically attracted to them too?

Ask her if she’s cool with you putting on 75lbs of fat and cutting your weekly grooming efforts in half.


Was she physically attractive when you married her and were you to her?

remember the vows said, for better or worse and for rich and poor…correct

True, but putting on lots of weight can indicate a shift to laziness

absolutely…but if the husband truely loved her, then would it really matter

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If you substitute “teachers” for “people” in that statement, I would say it’s in order to make the jobs of the “teachers” much, much easier, a slam dunk, no effort necessary. This is happening in most public schools (all, when you talk the big cities) today, it seems to me.

Quoting Fox news, the outlet that actually reports what is happening in the real world. Caveat -get the facts and form your own opinions. Welcome to reality, Mr. Z.

That “study” is something every reasonable person with or without an IQ would tell “the woke” is inevitable. Human nature, never changes.

They actually make teaching harder. There’s a reason why teachers are leaving the profession at a faster rate than they can be replaced.

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Imo, it’s because it’s too frickin’ dangerous.

If you tell me that is the case for private school teachers as well, then I will change my opinion.

Because of woke policies. It is also harder because a teacher needs to have several lesson plans per class to accommodate things like individual learning. You have to accommodate learning styles even though that has been debunked by science. Inclusive classrooms are bad for students and teachers.

Private schools have a higher turnover rate.

Going to a higher bidder? Moving up the ladder, newbies coming in for the “beginner” jobs?

If a teacher actually cares. Or, they can just teach woke gibberish, pass every kid, and said kid winds up in your classroom, illiterate while technically in the “sixth grade”.

Dude, do you have to bring up the abuse men suffer at the hands of women/society in every thread?

And even though this isn’t what @cyclonengineer was referring to, I’m pretty sure just about every couple will cease having sex at some point in their marriage, simply due to age. Does that mean they cease being married and become merely “friends”? I was actually talking to an 86 year old man once who made a joke about his sex life being nonexistent, then followed it up with something along the lines of if he had gotten married to have sex for the rest of his life, he wouldn’t have gotten married.

Or the guy I know who lost his entire lower half in Afghanistan but whose wife stayed with him (he’s not wealthy, she’s attractive and educated - she could leave and be fine, either on her own or by finding another man).

Just don’t think we need to jump to sexless marriages being friendships where men suffer. Are they sometimes? Sure. But they’re also often just due to circumstances that no one can help and people can remain very much in love and happy despite those.


This is just my experience but the people I know who left private schools usually mentioned things like health insurance and/or job security.

They teach what they are told. I worked in a school where teachers were told by the superintendent and BOE to just pass kids. The grading policy, and many schools have this policy, made it almost impossible to fail. The lowest grade a kid could get on anything was a 50. The kid could do nothing and get a 50. In some schools, parents decide if their kid repeats a grade if he failed most or all of his classes. So the answer for how does a kid who can’t read end up going to HS is, he can’t be held back. So you have HS classes that are lower than what used to be termed remedial classes.

Look up Mastery or Standards based grading. In theory it sounds utopian but try teaching a class of students individually, not collectively. The students who perform better will get less from the teacher because the kids who need more time to learn will get more attention. It’s also a scam to make all kids feel special as everyone can get an A. A grade of C is supposed to be average thus most kids should be in that range. Mastery grading is just a more extreme form of grade inflation. Just as you have “my truth” you will have grades that are not based on a universal scale or standard but on an individual’s personal ability. In other words, if one student gets an A and another a D, you could say that the A student is better at the subject and did the homework, all of the things that earn high marks. It’s competitive. Now, those same two students can both get As because things like homework, class participation, tests, quizzes, etc., don’t factor into grades. A student just has to show growth with regard to the subject.

In the name of equity, and to me equity is a red flag word, all of the behaviors and effort that successful students demonstrate are made irrelevant. We all know the stereotype of the Asian student who overachieves in HS and gets into an Ivy League school where he continues to excel and ends up a doctor. When you look at what that student did to get there, it should be lauded and seen as an example for everyone. Instead, those qualities are made pointless since they won’t play a part in grading. The idea that homework shouldn’t be a part of grading because it’s not fair to the kids who don’t do it is ridiculous. But they lack the privilege of having parents who stay on top of them so you have to accommodate them. I mean, when the idea of work ethic is seen as a white supremacy concept, what should we expect from schools?

The question was asked through the framing of a man saying he thinks there’s nothing wrong with wanting one’s wife to be attractive, and his wife thinking that’s a gross attitude.

This is specifically applies to the perception of marriage between men and women, and he asked for the opinions of others; i gave my opinion, which i believe to be specifically relevant to the question asked. You’re welcome to disagree with my opinion, or simply accept that there are opinions different than yours.

How would you like me to define marriage in the future?

I didn’t. I said marriage is better with frequent sex. I also didn’t think it necessary to describe the entire cycle of marriage into old age as no one retains their looks through time, but apparently you think i needed to go there. I’ll just put a disclaimer on every single statement i make for you, mmkay?

You’re not married, correct? Do you want your wife/future wife to be/stay attractive, why or why not? Why do you think women categorically work their asses off to look their best on their wedding day?


Thanks for the insight. “Utopian”, “growth”, “equity” -all red flags wrt current state of education imo. Old codgers like me know that the real world still runs on winners and losers, QED.

Explains this:

When a local reporter asked one of the old white yackity-yacks responsible for the schools why this was happening, his answer was to blame Fox news for always reporting on the negative stuff, then stalking off in a huff. I saw the live footage of this happening on Fox Primetime.

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I know to that the illiteracy rate among children has gone up in recent years (at least in the US). Stuff like this is so disheartening.

I think the problems are combination of factors: lack of parent involvement, trying turn education political (both sides do this - there is a group in my town called “Moms For Liberty” that basically want schooling to run like a church camp + math), the lack of support teachers get (badly compensated compared to places like Sweden, pushy administrators), teaching for the state exams to try and get more funding (that one never made sense to me - give more money to the schools doing well?).

You can also add women to the list. They are ruining education with their feminization of everything related to it.