Ian Kings programs..results

Wazzup T Men. I’m anxious to put some size on for the summer so ican diet down and show some impressive new muscle. I’m at about 178 lbs now, bout 10% bf. Now i know everyone says they need upper body mass…but i really do. I hold alot of my weight in my legs. I’m wondering what kind of results you guys recieved from Ian King’s programs specifically the upper body split and his great guns program. I’m currently working on John Mccallum’s Keys to Progress series.I’m planning to combine this w/ JB’s massive eatin article. Just looking to switch it up after the next month and am looking forward to ur responses. Keep hittin em hard, Mike

did anyone hear come back w super size or strength from his programs and did u do them as a 3 or 4 day a week plan?

3/4" gain in bicep size after Great Guns. I switched it up a little and made the high-volume phases longer and the strength-predominant phases shorter. This program gave me my most impressive results ever. Since then I decided to try his calves program and that’s working like a charm as well. But they are pretty intense and I think so draining that it makes it hard to sleep sometimes, and you won’t get much stronger, just bigger (at least that’s what I experienced). Kind of like riding the fine line of overtraining.