The meat that is in a Gyros.....

Does any one no what kind of meat is in a gyro? Is it real fatty?

Pork or Chicken are the options in Greece. Yeah… pork is not the leanest cut…

The real Greekstyle is with lamb… But in fast food greek places like Kojacs its probably pork. And yes its very fatty.

I thought it was lamb, but I’m not totally sure. Check for nutrient profile.

They use lamb or Beef, i don’t know what cut they use though?

I read that they’re like greek hot dogs (I think). The big lump of meat is on a vertical spindle going around in a vertical oven/heater & the meat is scraped off with a knife. If the people are selling lots though they’re taking lots of meat off at a time & the stuff in the middle could still be cold, no kidding.

I believe it’s lamb meat. I’m not positive, but I think lamb meat is fairly fatty depending on the cut.

All the gyros I’ve ever eaten were not only fatty, but very salty.

Breast meat…oh wait you said GYRO not GYNO. :).

Ok, it's a mixture of both lamb and beef in the US usually. It's not exactly good for you, but I like it occasionally on my free days.

I was watching a Discovery Channel show once that talked about Gyros somehow, and it turns out that it’s usually a mixture of a bunch of different meats, predominantly lamb, but is grinded together into a paste, along with binders, spices, and other flavorings, and then extracted onto a tube. They showed the maing of it, and it was absolutely vile. But, I eat one every few months just because it tastes damn good!

Switch to chicken souvlaki (OK, I know I botched that spelling). I haven’t been in a greek place in a while, but I think that was basically a gyro with a better meat in it (same bread and sauce and stuff, just diced meat). There was a place near where I worked that offered chicken gyros, but I’m sure that’s not the norm.

I used to work at a mediterranean restaurant and I am sure that 99% of it is made up of a mixture of beef and lamb, and it created in the afforementioned manner. It is very full of fat. Hope I helped! Good luck.

I am about 1 and half hours from the Greek border and Gyros are offered here in either PORK or chicken. I am Macedonia right now. No actual Greeks to ask right now, just Macedonians, but I will ask them later if I see one…

Okay… I just asked a guy FROM Greece. As in, he lives there… outside Athens. It is offered in chicken, or PORK in his country. However, how it is made in the US I guess depends on the cook.

I sell food for a living, including Gyro meat. In North America, it is definitely a mixture of lamb and beef, but it’s like a hot dog…made with lips and assholes.

i happen to be greek and know many friends that own restaurants. the answer should be obvious, of course it’s fatty, shit u won’t find another fatter piece of meat anywhere. the gyro u r referring to is just the FAT (yes the fat) of pork, it’s not even real meat. i don’t even have to be greek to know it’s pure fat, cause real meat does not look like that.