The Fitness Club Cult

Well, I’m stuck here at work on a Saturday, trying to finish a project, and I thought I’d take a quick break and write about my biggest pet peeve here at work: the Fitness Club Cult. Anyone else have one of these where you work? My wife and I work out at home, but most of the people here at work that actually get some exercise (very few) work out in the company Fitness Center. The problem is that the people use it spend a crapload of time there, doing hours of aerobics each week and flinging weights around without a care for form or tempo, and, unsuprisingly enough, their bodies never change one bit for the better. Whenever I try to talk to one of them about diet, form, tempo, overtraining, you name it, they either give me a skeptical look or their eyes start to glaze over like a deer caught in headlights. Worse yet, their true motivation for using the Center seems to be the social climate (including after-work Fitness Club social gatherings ) rather than the quest for physical improvement. This sums it up best: one of them looked at me yesterday and said “Every time I see you, you look like you’re in better shape than the last time!” Well, duh…

Amazingingly identical to my situation. I workout at a company fitness center (and home as I have a complete gym) and I see the same shit. I’m totally blown away at seeing men doing sets with 0 intensity (you can’t even see it in their face) and beginners doing a bunch of cable shit for their chest (get real). Same old comments - you just get bigger and bigger everytime I see you - I need to say: Hey asshole, if you just listened to what I’ve told you before you may get some where too! Stop lifting like a pussy! Anyway, it’s discusting - I’m sure you also get scornful looks from the little men who feel your disrupting their sleep by grunting and clanging around some iron!

Bob, it’s been years since I regularly worked out at a club. Now I work out at home I used to go to a Balley’s in Washington DC while I was in school. There, you would see all kinds. Especially interesting (for lack of a better term) groups were the gay training partners. They were typically really lean and toned, looking like underwear models basically. How do I know that they are gay? Well, I guess I can’t prove it for sure, but the fact that stare at each other’s body parts with what can be best described as a barely contained lust led me to that conclusion.

Thinking back on it I can’t help but wonder if our image of what is attractive for a man is being shaped largely by gay fashion designers who tend to use lean, lanky, pretty-boyish type of models to model their clothes. That kind of a look is pasted all over magazine covers and movie screens. Maybe that is why I’m a fan of Russel Crowe. He is not such a pansy pretty boy.

Sorry to digress. In the case of your company fitness center, I can only say that I’m jealous. Having a company gym would be awesome. I write a fitness column for our company newsletter and I wish that the people at work would do even half what the “Fitness Cult” at your work does. Most of the folks in our company has an ass the size of a buick and think nothing of inhaling several Krispy Kremes. I think overall, exercising, if only to socialize, is better than nothing at all.

Of course, I have more ambitious goals, and I actually hate working out with other people being present. I hate to admit it, but I tend to lift to impress when there are others present. When I’m alone, I can do Ian King’s workouts without feeling embarrassed. It is pretty humbling when you are struggling to get that 95 lbs up on the bench at a 623 tempo when supersetting with some flyes.

Why don’t you be a t-man and ignore them. If they want to change they should come to you and ask for help. Otherwise let them do their thing. There is no point in getting all stressed out and angry. That just takes away from your own training. Also don’t make fun of them on the t-forum to make yourself feel better.

Oh, gee, Molsonman, thanks for that little lecture. First off, why didn’t you be a t-man and ignore my post if you didn’t care for it? Second, they do come ask me for help, that’s why I end up talking to them (or trying to) about training matters. Did I say anywhere in my post that I walk up and start lecturing them (like you’re doing to me)? Third, I can’t seem to find the part in my post where I said the situation made me “stressed out and angry”. Could you please point that out to me? Fourth, and finally, you should really try to take your own advice, bubba, and refrain from acting all superior and shit. Again, if you didn’t like my post, then simply ignore it. Don’t lecture.

Dont worry about them. They are the control group that make us look so different. If everyone looked like us, there would be no need for Testosterone. Lets be glad that they dont give a shit, because they are what makes us stand out.

Oh yeah, I forgot the fifth thing in my rebuttal. You might notice that I said the Fitness Center Cult “spend[s] a crapload of time there”. In other words, time they should be spending doing work, which, if they were actually doing so, I definitely would not be in here (work) on a Saturday. That makes it my business, don’t you think?

Don’t try to act tough to me. You are a very arrogant one aren’t you? You didn’t say those things exactly but you might as well have. Get a life.

The worst part is that it is not just at work (which I am guessing is free) I pay over $40 a month where I workout and Cult has a frightening presence there! It is positively frightening…

They’ve got one of these cults where I’m working but they’re harmless (and useless). They call themselves the “FIT Team (Fatties In Transition)”. Some use company sponsored gym facilities (maybe once a week) but they focus on a “power walk” that they do for about 20-30 minutes 2x/day. None of them seem to be making any progress and its been going on for months. Occasionally I express an interest just to be polite. I hear the same thing everytime from both men and women: “I don’t want to get as big as you, I just want to tone”. “I can’t do a low carb diet”. “I don’t want to eat high amounts of protein”. I’m not bitching 'cause I don’t really care but everytime I stop by one of their cubes on business they’re munching dry sugary cereal (like AppleJacks), pop tarts, or carmel popcorn. I doubt they get over 30g of protein a day. I’ve been asked several times what I do and when I try to explain they just say: “I’m not doing that”. So fuck’em. Makes me stand out even more.

Molsonman, I just realized that you’re probably a closet Cult member and that’s why you 're so sensitive to my post. There’s help though, bro, and I’m here to give it to you.

(Cue Southern preacher voice) Gathuh around, T-brothuhs and sistuhs, for we are heuh to help out T-brothuh Molsonman! Yea verily, he should truly be called SaintPauliGirl, since he has beeuhn infected with the Cult! But we ah not judgemental, ah we T-brothuhs and sistuhs?! We shall help our brethren in his time of neeuhd, shall we not?! I say NO to the evil within Molsonman! I say BEGONE evil estrogen! Join with me now, and help drive this demon from his soul!! (End preacher voice)

Glad to help, Molsonman. It was the least I could do…

Hyok: I think I know which Balley’s you’re talking about (I work in D.C.). Goldberg and Lipo: Good point about “standing out”, but it still frustrates me. Some of these Cultists are good friends of mine, and I’d like to help them but I can’t. For instance, last week, the Cult leader – a genetically perfect woman – had an skinny friend of mine doing 21s with a rubber lifting band [“You don’t want to get too big, do you?! (giggle)”] and then she told him to start eating 75% carbs and 5% fat. Michelle: Our Center has a $35 initiation fee with a $20 monthly fee.

You just proved you are not a t-man. You seem to have a self esteem problem. You always have to make fun of others to make yourself feel better. The insults prove it. No I am not part of the cult. I have gained over 60 pounds of muscle since I started working out and have lowered by bodyfat percentage greatly. I do all of the major lifts (squats, deadlifts, pullups, etc), eat properly and don’t make fun of others because I think I’m better than them.

Lipo, these fat people that are apart of the fitness cults don’t need a high protein diet. from your post it seems as if you think they do. what they need is a caloric deficit. if they’re getting 10-20% protein in their diet than that’s good enough for someone trying to lose fat. i sure hope you’re not preaching how carbs are evil and how they need more protein when really all it is how they EAT too much and MOVE too little.

Bob, another angle that gets to me is the way ALL of our insurance rates are going up.Obese, socializing, fast food eaters that happily use poor form, check the box that states “I work out at least 1 hr three times a week” and get the same “discount” as people that actually make an effort to improve their health.

Bob-O! You just made me bust a gut, preachah man! That lil’ sermon you gave was great…I mean, I could actually see you on the pulpit like one of those dudes on Sunday morning TV. That was cool. I don’t know if you’re arrogant or not, but you’ve got a helluva sense of humor. In the words of my man Ace Ventura, Ladies and Gentlemen, this house has been cleared Anyway, I think we can bring up quite a few things that really put us over the edge when it comes to other trainees and their methodology (or lack thereof). I know what you’re saying about how frustrating it is when peeps just totally blow you off when you try to help them out and explain some cool stuff to ‘em. Believe me, I’m a pretty skinny T-Dude (I’m tryin’, baby) and most people probably think I have no clue…but that’s their loss. I still love this game So, Bob-O, keep doin’ what you’re doin’, don’t let it hold ya down, and keep postin’ crazy shit!

Hey Scott,
Do you read the same forum I do? These people are protein deficient and are stuffing sugar in their pie holes all day. Then they do a brisk walk for no more than 1 hour/day. How the hell are they supposed to lose weight. And yeah, I think if they just upped protein to at least 1g/lb bw/day and lowered the carbs they’d see ‘some’ results.

Furthermore. I don’t make fun of people 'cause of how they look. I do make fun of people that choose to remain ignorant. These folks have seen me go from 220# (30%+) to 180# (14%) in just the last few months. They do what they do then bitch about not reaching their own goals.

No, Molsonman, criticizing the walking dead is not to make us feel better - it’s fun. That’s right, a fun release from the irritation we go through when working out around “them”. It’s actually a good thing we have these “cults” as it does make us look better. The biggest mistake these lambs make is: lack of intensity / consistency / and a real plan!

Scott: Carbs aren’t evil per se, but IMO an overabundance of them isn’t very healthy. I definitely think 75% is way too high (like my friend was told to eat); after all, where’s the room for protein and fat in that kind of diet? Timbo: Me, arrogant? Nah, I just like to mess with people who cop a superior attitude. I think it’s time to stop, though, since I’m obviously not making my point. (Note to self: Make sure “target” has a sense of humor next time. Stay away from anyone with a beer-related alias.) A Girl and Jim: I agree. :slight_smile:

my point fellows, was that fat people will lose weight (and fat) on a 75% carb diet if they have a caloric deficit, even if they eat sugars all day. Granted, I think many would do better (lose more fat) on a 60/20/20 percentage ratio for carbs/fat/protein. What we gifted people on this forum many times don’t realize is that obese people often cannot eat a high protetin, low carb diet. They fail miserably. My point is that diet and nutrtion is very individualistic and telling someone to eat a low carb diet without knowing their eating habits, food likes & dislikes, etc., then you are setting that person up for failure probably 75% of the time. Obese people need diets that they can do forever not something they can only do for a short time before giving up on it.