Public laziness has reached a new low

I go to the Uiversity of Oklahoma and the people down here seem to be more lazy than anywhere else. You see some of the doors on the buildings have hadicap accessible doors, the doors that you push a button and the door opens for you. Well, people seem to be able to locate these doors like it is a sixth sense. the find one of these doors that is located to four other normal doors and they push the button to have the door open for them. This seems horrible to me that people are to lazy to even open a fucking door. I think this is why there is a extreme over abbudance obese people in Oklahoma. Don`t get me wrong, there are thosands of hot chicks down here but I feel that they are being of run by obese people. So it is pretty bad down here, what is it like in the other states?

It’s bad in NE Pa. Everyone here is a fat ass, even the young girls. A lot worse than when I was in college 15 years ago. luckily, I’ve aged well and recently got engaged to a beautiful young lady that moved next door to me.
We could go on this topic forever. I carry around 15% bf, and feel a little out of shape at times. Graded on the curve in this area, I’m a ripped adonis hercules, especially at age 38. In the real world, I’m built well without a gut.

I’ve seen a handicapped person press one of those buttons & not be able to get through the door because so many other people go through instead.

irondoc, I think in this day and age its safe to say that in the real world you’re also an exception. People like us are a dying bread.

my college is full of lazy people and ill-mannered guys. they rush through doors to go into a building even if a girl is trying to come out. they sure as hell don’t hold doors. they sit on the bus even if a girl or adult woman is standing. and they’re scrawny as twigs yet they waddle around with lat syndrome anyway ( at least 12inches, I kid ye not). They think they’re ripped because they do some pulldowns and some gay ass dumbbell extension movements. One of the weightrooms on my campus doesn’t even have a squat rack or a power cage. In the weightroom that does have squat racks and power cages, these peacocks use the squat racks to do their half-assed, crappy-form, quarter-ROM bicep curls. And the bars are pretty weak so you can put a modest weight on, whip it hard at the top of the squat and bend the hell out of it. I plan to “mark my territory” in this fashion. Either that or hang a sign on the squat rack that says “NO CURLS.” I think I wandered way off topic, but it just kind of flowed.

It’s ok, everyone’s has to vent sometime, somewhere. Haha. But, back to the topic:

I live in New Orleans, where quite a few obese people live. This city is know for it’s food, and it’s people show! ‘BIG’ time! Haha. Shit, even most of the cheerleaders at my high school are overweight. I think the guys I chill with and myself(Besides maybe 2-3 others.) are the only ones in the damn school who arn’t either over, or underweight at my school. And the football team is a bunch of obese guys whom think they’re built because they’re FAT! Ok, wow I’m starting to vent too. Haha. Well, anyway my point is the air is really THICK down here too.

Deadlift, I feel for you. I started powerlifting at a YMCA 20 years sgo. I can things have gotten worse as we have allegedly gotten into fitness more. All it means is more people that aren’t serious getting in the way of the serious. With people on the whole getting fattewr and ruder. I wait for women at doors, along with children, elderly, etc. It’s just plain politeness.
My solution is to buy your own equipment, if you have the room and finances. My office has a glute ham, reverse hyper, and power rack from Westside. I highly recommend their stuff. I also bought a set of power blocks to 90 lbs, 1000 or so lbs of olympic plates, various bars, grip equipment, chains, bands, and a few other goodies. I have offered any patient, friends, etc. the facility for free to use. No one takes the offer up. I feel at times I’m living a Chris Schugart editorial. People are lazy! Just stick to your guns, and keep fitness a part of your lifestyle. My 20th year reunion is this weekend, and I know I’ll look good. It’s a good feeling knowing that you haven’t aged much, all because of good decisions. Keep training guys.

Wow this pretty bad that the majority of people are obese. I am about 13-16% bf but at least I give a shit whether I die of a heart attack caused from clogged arteries or the more the more dignified of having 1000 crush me when I am doing a squat. Well, it may not be as dignified but it would be a damn good change from seeing all of these people dying from heart attacks. Sorry, I seem to be venting too. Thanks for all of the information, I think this is the point in time when all of the big lifters, beginning and veteran, rise up and protest to make it mandatory that people exercise for one hour a day.

CIVILIZATION WENT DOWN HILL WITH INVENTION OF THE ESCALATOR! OR, those frickin motorized sidewalks in airports. Everytime I see those things I just shake my head in disbelief. A sidewalk that moves so you don’t have to. Yeah, I have powerwalked on a few to get to a terminal… but standing on them is ultimate laziness! As far as BB… People ask me, “What do you take?” As if I am going to give them the magic recipe to muscle growth. The only people I entertain are those that first ask “How can I work out more effectively?”

We have one of those handicap buttons at the main door to my dorm. Funny how you would see big fat girls and guys come back from the cafeteria with their ice cream cones in hand then push the button to get into the building. It’s broke now, not sure what happened too it. I figure there were a bunch of people who got trapped in the building because they couldn’t figure out how to get outside.

A few years ago, while working in a large fitness club, I personally witnessed some clown walk out of a toilet stall after obviously taking a shit. He walked right passed the sinks, grabbed the doorhandle and walked out. I’ve avoided doorhandles ever since.

This summer, while working on campus, two sweaty, obese ladies came up to my desk and asked for directions to the gym. In the back of my mind, I though “Damn straight, let me show you EXACTLY where it is.” I pulled out a map and showed them where it was-right across the street. They looked at me aghast. “All the way over THERE?” I said “Yes, just look out the window-see it’s right there. It’s not far.” They said that they had already walked clear across campus to find it. Guess that five block walk is what got them all sweaty. They then asked if there was a gym in the building I worked in. When I said no, they got MAD and said that they wanted the University to buy and maintain-get this-GOLF CARTS so that people wouldn’t actually have to walk to get where they were going. I wanted to do a Pauly Walnuts from the Sopranos: “Yeah, we’ll get right on dat. Right afta we mop up afta you sweathogs.” Sheesh.

Great story Dick!. I tell people in my office there are only two reasons why you can’t lose weight. 1. You don’t move enough. 2. You eat to much. I’m more than happy to help anyone if they put out the effort, but as you know they won’t.
Thankfully, my fiancee and a few female buddies are seeing the light, but it’s an uphill battle. I think evryhthing in our society is to short term, people don’t consider the long term. I started lifting at 13. All I heard was reasons why it was stupid and a waste of time. Remember this was 1976, and weights weren’t as accepted. However this weekend I have my 20th year high school reunion. I’m at 15% bodyfat at 5’7" 195. It’s gonna be great seeing all the bald fatties, while I look ten years younger with my beautiful gal. Remember guys, it’s the long term that counts. There are no shortcuts. Hit the squat rack and remember we will win in the end somehow!

Jman, I think I should allow you to come on over a kick my arse. I used to do that sometimes to get into and out of the doan(cafeteria) at college. Although I was doing it mainly to show of my 75th degree dark black belt tae bo side and front kicks’ accuracy in hitting an object(the button). actually now that i think of it, i was using my foot for what some people used their hand to push. i guess i was an arsehole for doing that. oops. maybe you should come kick my ass.

People here are too lazy to click their fucking turn signals on! My wife & I watch people wait 5 minutes for a parking spot close to the store, when it’s a nice day and lots of parking 100 feet away.
Now there’s remote controls for car tape & CD decks … what the hell is wrong with people!

Ty…p…ing too mu…ch … ge…tting ti…red, mu…st go lay do…wn now!

I’ve recently lost a lot of fat (about 35 lbs.) and lots of people are asking me how I did it. My reply is so simple that they refuse to listen: “I burned more calories than I ate.” DUH! And then they have the nerve to tell me 1. I eat too much protein, and am going to ruin my kidneys 2. Ephedra is dangerous and will give me a heart attack, 3. The creatine I just started (for a bulking phase) is building up in my liver and kidneys and will make my muscles tear. Why, oh why do I bother?!?!

Don’t forget 1. If you stop lifting your muscles will turn to fat. 2. I get a lot of exercise walikg up and down my steps doing laundry. 3. I did some crunches the other day. 4. I get a lot of exercise from dancing(while I swill down 10 coor’s lights). This is the favorite of the 21-25 you Fattus Chickus Northeasternus Pennsylvaniaus. They canh be spotted in herds at a local club with live music and a lot of smoke, or at a mall. Be careful when approaching, since they are easily angered. If attacked, sprint run away! They’ll run out of wind quick.

I’m an OU alum, and I live in Oklahoma City myself…and he’s right, people here are astoundingly in bad shape. But there are also some nice chicks around, too…ever gone to Night Trips?

Hey Akicita, no I haven’t. I am a broke college kid that has no money because I spend it on food, rent, and the other buulshit bills that go a long with it. I don’t get to OKC that much either.

here is one that will really lower the bar for you. when i was at the university of georgia, the student activities facility had a door with a sensor on it so it would open automaically for you. obviously the intent here is that it would open for people in wheelchairs, etc. well so many people walked through that door that it broke. so one day i saw a guy in a wheelchair roll up to it and nothing happened. he had to ask one of his pals to open the door for him. keep in mind that this was happening at the building that people go to so they can “lift weight” and workout.
the second part of this is that in the gym that i work in now, both of the front doors are on sensors, so you can walk straight into the joint and never have to put down your cellphone or latte. the dressing rooms don’t have doors, but instead have crooked hallways that keep people from being able to see in. you can go through a whole workout and never have to wear yourself out with opening one of those heavy assed, pesky doors.
a little off of the point, but i thought that you all might get a kick out of the level some folks has lowered themselves to.