The best low carb, high-protein drink?

I need to know. I need to get extra protein while on this Anabolic Diet. I just bought something called Complete Whey Protein by XRated. I realized there’s something called chromium polynicotinate and have no idea why they through that in there. Is this product any good?? I got it for like 46 cents a serving. I’ve read some of the good ones on this site (like NitroWhey) but can’t find them at any local stores, GNC or HiHealth. Help please!!

Whey is a quick and easy way to get extra quality protein. I would stick with the bigger brands though. Chromium Piccolinate used to be hyped as a fat loss agent, and still is in some pharmacy products, but believe me, you won’t get anything from it. I use MVP whey protein because I like the taste, but Designer has a great product too. Can’t wait to see the new Biotest low-carb MRP!

I had the Protein Factory mix me up a batch of a zero-carb MRP. I mix one-scoop with 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

BTW I love the anabolic diet!