Testosterone Levels/Unit of measurement/Canadian Connection

Let me start off by saying this is a great site, and a great forum. Let me jump right into my questions.
Q1 : These are my test results. Testosterone 21 nmol/L. My physician informs me that an average male should fall between 8 nmol/L to 38 nmol/L. My TSH read 1.15 mUI/L. Again the average falls between .5mUI/L to 4.7mUI/L. Both of my reading are on the low end of the average male spectrum. Is it possible to make good gains in both building muscle mass and getting cut with levels soo low? Has anyone ever read anywhere how these readings directly relate to bodybuilding success?

Q2 : Secondly. I gave my T levels in nmol/L. I believe I’ve seen these reading in another unit of measurement. How do we convert nmol/L to whatever is the next most popular unit of measurement T is given?
Q3 : I’m from Montreal, Canada. Has anyone been successful getting Biotest products in Canada. Biotest told me that they are willing to ship their product to me, but dont guarentee arrival… I would love to get my hands on Biotest products. Is there a “guarenteed” way of ordering them?
Thanks for your time guys :slight_smile: Keep up the good work;)

I’m from Montreal too, and I get my Biotest stuff from lifeandsport or renegade. Renagade has androsol, but you have to ask…they also might be getting mag-10. I don’t order from the US because I feel like a schmuck having to pay 40 bucks duty.

It’s my understanding that T levels vary with the time of day the test is taken, because it’s dished out in spurts, I may be wrong though. Of course it’s possible to gain muscle with average T levels. Concerning converting to other units: You would need the molar (or molecular) mass of Testosterone, preferably in ng/nmol. The other unit is ng/dL or pg/mL(I think) Multiply t levels in nmol/L by ng/nmol, then multiply by 10L/dL for T levels in ng/dL Divide by 10 for pg/ml. I think this is how’s it done, if I’m wrong I might have some trouble on my chem engineering final this year! I’m not totally sure what a UI is, could someone reply with what that is, I’ve always been curious?