Testing to make sure you dont have fake hGH

There are a lot of scammers out there that sell hGH kits (powder form). HCG (which also comes in powder form) costs about 1/40 the price of hGH and is sometimes substituted in the kits for hGH, hence the scam. Now preganant women have elevated HCG levels, and this is the main hormone that triggers a positive response on a home pregnancy test. So if you want to test your hGH kit to make sure it is not simply HCG, just buy a pregnancy test at the drug store. Put a few drops of the mixed solution on the pregnancy piss strip…if it tests positive, you have HCG…if it tests negative, you don’t have HCG and probably have real hGH. Any validity to this? Vets?

Hulk, this is a good test for HCG. It is not a reliable way to test to tell you if your GH is real. It will only tell you if you have been duped in getting HCG for GH only. I don’t know of any way to verify your GH, other than a lab test.