Test Undeconate powder mixed with Androsol

Would mixing test undeconate powder in androsol work, or be a complete waste of money? I was going to use Winny and Finasol, but heard test+winny is much better for size. Would using BOTH test and tren be a overkill, since they both bind tightly to the androgen receptor?

It is not true that one can’t match the
gains of testosterone plus Winstrol with
trenbolone acetate plus Winstrol.

Testosterone and trenbolone in practice
combine well: trenbolone adds Class I
activity (which testosterone doesn’t saturate
until very high doses) without adding
estrogenicity or conversion to DHT. It’s
an effective combination indeed.

Testosterone undecanoate cannot go through
the skin (except in negligible amounts)
because of its extremely low water solubility
(it is insoluble.)