Better stack?

I am about to embark on an 7 week cycle of trenbolone. I am trying to decide which class II to stack it with:winstrol or androsol? How much better would the winstrol be?, or would it? I would be doing 57mg of tren/day along with either 50/day winstrol or 100 sprays a day of androsol.

My guess would be the winny would be better. It would be less of a hassle than spraying yourself twice per day also. Disadvantages: It is liver toxic and expensive. I think you will be happy with your results no matter what one you use though.

P.S. You do have clomid, dont you?

I don’t have clomid yet, although I have found a supplier. I am assuming I should use the clomid only at the end of the cycle and afterwards because the tren doesn’t aromatize and it is so inhibitive that the clomid won’t help until it is out of my systtem anyway. Any thoughts on that?

I think you are correct. It would’nt hurt to use it throughout the cycle and may help keep testicle size but there is no need for it as an anti estrogen. I guess if I could afford it I would do it for the whole cycle but it probably isn’t necessary. HCG would be a better choice for keepin’ the balls o’bouncin.