Test, Finasol, etc

I am a 54-year-old man, wanting to gain some muscle & definition while losing fat especially around the middle. My doctor has prescribed Androgel as testosterone replacement therapy- 2 packets daily each consisting of 5 grams of 1% testosterone. My natural T production had become very slight, most likely due to about 2 years of prohormone use with few breaks. So shutting down my natural production is not an issue, I will likely be taking the gel for the rest of my life, that’s fine with me. I have also begun a cycle of “Finasol”, a packet (100 tabs) of Finaplix-H dissolved in a bottle of Nandrosol.

Do I need to apply the Androgel and the Finasol at different times of day? I have been using the Finasol first thing in the morning then waiting an hour or so and applying the gel. Should I use different areas of the body for each? What affect does body hair have- i.e. won’t either or both products just coat body hair without being absorbed? Also since the spray apparatus has clogged, I have been applying the Finasol with a dropper (guessing about 5 ml total), rubbing it along my upper arms and shoulders with my hands. How long do I need to wait before washing my hands and/or bathing after applying Finasol? Should I apply it over a larger area? And finally, should I apply Finasol twice a day? I hesitate to apply it at night as it seems to leave a sticky coating which I do not want during those “intimate” times …
Thanks for any useful info. Mike G.

A couple of quick things: Your Finasol clogged because you either did not filter out the crud after the pellets dissolved or you did not do it well. Get a coffee filter or use the “decant” method and get that stuff out of there. I’ll assume you let it sit and dissolve for several days before using.

Second, take apart your sprayer and wash it out with very hot water. That should unclog it.

You won’t feel “sticky” when you apply it correctly and allow a few minutes for it to dry. Bill is the expert here, but I’m guessing the dropper application method is not ideal. BTW, we’ll have an article on Finasol soon at T-mag.