4-AD/Androsol Info

I’ve read alot of great info at T-Mag about 4AD. However, I haven’t been able to find reference to a good cycle, as far as optimum dosages, for how long, and whether it’s benefits could be enhanced by stacking with other compounds (19Nor perhaps?) I am using AndroHeat from Substrate Solutions, which has 100mg of 4AD coupled with their ECA stack. I was thinking about using this before I work out (6am) and maybe taking another 100mg of straight 4AD and at noon, then before bed. Would this be too much? Also, any first hand experience using Androsol? Weight gain/strength/bodyfat levels? Thanks!

Regarding 4-AD, I cycle it 2 weeks on at 1,000 mg’s per day, and then take one week off. Unfortunately, this dosage will suppress your natural testosterone levels. Expect your testicles to get a bit smaller, you won’t get morning wood anymore by the end of week one, and your ejaculations will be reduced to a mere oozing of a clear liquid. Fortunately, these symptoms disappear within a few days of discontinuing 4-AD, or by lowering the dosage. Also, remember to keep your protein intake high during your cycle. Androgens themselves don’t build muscle, they turn protein into muscle. If there’s no protein, they can’t help you build muscle. So to benefit from any androgen steroid, try to eat 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight per day.

I’m assuming you took the 1000mg split into 10 100mg doses spread evenly throughout the day? I will be starting the Anabolic Diet (detailed by Chris Shugart here on T-Mag) which for me is 3,600 calories a day (200lbs) with a macronutrient ratio of 60% fat, 35% protein, and 5% carbs, with the weekends carbing up. I am a powerlifter, trying to put on about 20 lbs (lean muscle of course). Hopefully this will help me reach my goal. In your experience, what type of gains did you attain using the 4AD? Thanks,

Rocco, I take 3 100mg tabs upon awakening, another 3 after lunch, three more in the evening, and one at bedtime. The most weight I ever gained on a two week cycle is 5 pounds. However, the strength gains are more impressive. I added 20lbs to my bench during my first two week cycle of 4-AD. But that’s me. I’m sure results vary from individual to individual. If you want to gain 20lbs, perhaps a 6 or 8 week cycle of 4-AD at mega doses, combined with a high protein diet, and intense training will do the trick. 4-AD is an excellent, safe, and legal steroid. The only problem with 4-AD is it’s poor bio-availability, hence the need for mega-dosing which can be quite costly. When this stuff is banned, and it hits the black market, it will surely be sold as an injectable. Injecting this stuff will be like injecting a testosterone suspension, only better, because 4-AD doesn’t aromatize! because of its safety, and potency, 4-AD will always be my steroid of choice, regardless of what form it comes in (i.e. oral, injectable, or topical).

Baran, thanks for the great info, it helps alot. I think I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes…can’t hurt, right? Thanks again…

If using oral 4-AD, I think 300 mg is the minimum dose that gives any benefit at all, and that, for only perhaps 3 hours. Basically, to get results at all comparable to Androsol (a gram per day at 70 sprays twice per day) you definitely have to take at least two grams per day orally, and actually, two grams per day orally doesn’t work as well as the topical does. But two grams per day orally isn’t bad.

Prior to Androsol, I still did recommend oral 4-AD to people for use in the first off-week or so, just prior to a workout, for the sake of a slight edge in training drive – no more and perhaps less than you get from say PowerDrive, and certainly less than you get from an ephedrine tablet! :slight_smile:

If I may…I have a few clients on “Finasol” and they’re
all telling me this is the BEST thing they have ever done.
Basically, they’re using a gram of 4-AD per day (70 sprays,
BID) with 100-120mg of topical trenbolone actetate
(of which maybe 50% will end up on the plasma). The results
are staggering, mind-blowing really (Bill, you want to
chime in here?). People claiming 55 pounds on the
flat bench press in 4-5 weeks + gains of 15-17 pounds of
quality (retainabble) LBM in the same period of time.

There you go :slight_smile:


Mr. Roberts, I actually recieved my Androsol today after reading all the great info on it here at T-Mag. I know I should cycle 2 weeks on 4 weeks off, but what sort of dosage should I use? On both training and non training (35 min cardio) days? Thanks!

First, Rocco: If $2.79 per day is not too expensive, I’d use the maximum recommended dose of 70 sprays twice per day (1 gram total.) If price is an issue, I’d use half that, and you’d still get 2/3 or 3/4 the results.

And on Finasol: I’d increase the TA somewhat, maybe double that, but hey I can’t argue with the results Brock’s guys are seeing. Personally I can testify only to the result of stacking injectable TA and Androsol: it’s excellent and much better than either TA alone or Androsol alone, true synergy.

I believe this is because trenbolone is outstanding at binding the androgen receptor but is lacking in non-AR-mediated activity, while 4-AD is complementary, having the opposite properties, so all of the androgen
bases are covered I think when both are used in good quantity.

I stack my 4-AD with norandrostenedione. Mr. Roberts, what dosage of oral norandrostenedione do you recommend?

Mr. Roberts, thanks for the info. Let me make sure I have it all right…70 sprays, 2x a day, every day, for 2 weeks, then 4 weeks off? Any idea how long one container will last at that dosage? What are the recommended times to spray? I workout at 6am, usually waking 45-60 min prior. Sorry for all the questions, but hopefully I can help pass this info on to others I know who are interested in Androsol as well. Thanks again,

Rocco, the bottle will last two weeks. Spray on a dose in the morning and another in the evening, like 8 to 10 hours later. Most of this info is at the T-mag site, by the way. Check the “Behind the Scenes” column or do a word search for more info. I think the Biotest store has information too.

Thanks TEK! I actually just applied my first 70 spray dose…kinda sticky…but I’m looking forward to the results. I’ll definitely keep the board posted.

Stickiness should fade away in a few minutes. Be sure and up your protein intake, 1.3 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight is a good place to start. MRP’s come in handy for that. Good luck!

Rocco, the times you apply it don’t matter much so long as they are 10-14 hours apart (and really, 9 or 15 hours would be no disaster.) Twelve hours is ideal. So basically you apply it after showering and getting completely dry, and then as close as 12 hours after that as is practical.

At 70 sprays twice per day, actually one bottle lasts 12 days not 14 – this isn’t a nefarious plot, but just a result of standard bottle sizes and the maximum dose being a round number, 1 gram per day. This isn’t a big issue since most people buy 2, get one free to save money per bottle, and those who buy one bottle, can apply 60 sprays to “milk” the bottle to 14 days.

Main thing is, keep the application as light as possible, really a misting not any kind of heavy coat. It may sound surprising, but per square inch, just as much 4-AD goes through per hour with an essentially invisible coating as with a heavy one; but if you make a heavy coat, then for the same number of sprays, you’ve got less square inches so you get less result.

On top of that, if you spray heavier than you should, the 4-AD can crystallize, giving a white powdery look, instead of giving the amorphous bonded film Androsol is designed to give. When this happens, the amount of 4-AD that goes through the skin per square inch drops off – definitely avoid this!

Hope you have great results!

Thanks Mr. Roberts…excellent info. I’ll be sure to let everyone know how it goes!

Mr. Roberts, one more question. Is there a certain amount of time you need to let the Androsol stay on the skin for optimum results? I ask because for instance, say I wake at 515am, and apply 70 sprays. I’m in the gym at 6-630am, and I shower at 730am, meaning the spray has been on just over 2 hours before I shower. Would this cause any problems? Thanks again,

Brock, is a topical trenbelone available or are we talking the “black and decker” version… mortar and pestle, DMSO, etc?

Brock is talking about Finaplix pellets dissolved, while in another container, into Androsol solution, and then after settling, the liquid (but not the junk at the bottom) poured back into the Androsol bottle.

There will never be a commercially available “Finasol” because trenbolone acetate is a controlled substance though there is a specific exemption that it may be sold uncontrolled for use for cattle. If human use is intended though then sale is just as illegal as for any other anabolic steroid.

Rocco, basically, you’re only getting 2 hours of benefit from the application given 2 hours before you shower. Unless you’re a rich man, I wouldn’t do that… for that time period I’d just rely on the very good, continuing results from the previous application you gave yourself 10 or 12 hours previously.

So I’d apply after the 7:30 AM shower (make sure you are really dry not damp at all) and then again somewhere around 7:30 at night, but if say 5:30 or 9:30 are more convenient, don’t sweat it, and even if it’s say 11:00 at night, this won’t really reduce results so very much.