Teen T Levels

I’m 17, 150 lbs on a 1600 cal/ day diet. I notice that my T levels are non existent eating this way, and the ECA doesnt seem to help much. My diet is 40% Protein/ 30% F and C. I weight train 3 days/ week. What are some things I could try in order to prevent the T drop from happening, or at least make it less severe?

First, your calories are way too low. Are you trying to add muscle, cause you’re eating like a little girl. 1800 cals should be your maintenance level at least, probably more than that.

Second, why the fuck are you taking an ECA stack? Not skinny enough? Come on, you’re 150 pounds for God’s sake! Lastly, how do you know your T levels are low? Anyway, it’s probably your shitty diet. Don’t you even read the stuff in T-mag???

Sup Luke? Are you braindead or just blind? If you read anything on this site you would know that your caloric intake is severly low. That would explain your T levels, if indeed you had them tested. By the way, what are they? Total T? Bioavailable? Free? I had mine tested because I suspected they were low. I’m 19 and they came back off the chart low so I can go get a scrip when I want to. However, I eat like 4 or 5000 calories a day and they’re still low. I can’t imagine how low they would be if I ate like you. I agree with Tek. What the heck are you doing on an ECA stack at a measly 150 lbs? Seriously, do some reading on this site.

TEK’s right on my man, Luke. You’ve gotta up those calories like it’s goin’ outta style. We obviously don’t know what your goals are–and I don’t mean to be harsh–but it sounds like you’re not having much luck. Please read my man Chris Shugart’s article “The Diet Manifesto.”
You don’t need the EC stack for sure. Maybe a little caffeine before a workout to get stoked, but drink a cup o’ joe! As far as calories are concerned, unless you’re lying around in bed all day long, I assume you’ve got to be relatively active as a teen. I’m mean I’m 20 I can’t sit down for more than 5 minutes. What I’m trying to say is, you need to eat more. At least multiply your bodyweight by 16 or 18 to get a decent figure–that might not even prove adequate as I find figures more along the lines of the low 20s work for me. I don’t know if there’s something psychologically going on up there–and believe I know there are problems that are extremely difficult to deal with–but you need to slowly increase your caloric intake. It might sound like we’re being tough on ya, buddy, but it really hurts us when fellow T-Men are robbing themselves of gains because of awful nutritional practices.
It’s great that you are concerned at such a young age and pay such stringent attention to your dietary habits, but it’s obvious that you need to eat more, lots more. Believe me, I know where you’re coming from. Just take it slow.

How tall are you? I think the 40/30/30 is pretty good for someone your age. But you’re a friggin’ growing teen. Eat at maintenance level and add some serious muscle. Now is the best time for you to do it. Low calories killed my T as well years ago, so save yourself the trouble. Definitely hit 2,000 Cal per day maybe more, lose the ECA (you don’t seem like you need it), because your metabolism and GH will take care of the rest at your age. The only thing I would consider is creatine at your age (just my opinion). Good luck and start squatting/deadlifting.

Let me rephrase that… 5’9, 150, 18% BF, classic Endomorph. Lookin to get some more definition.

Eat some food, drop the eca stack, and follow a good program. when I cut weight for meets, I ate app. 2000 calories a day at 5’ 7". I dropped my bodyfat in the 4%-5% range with that diet. Your food ratio is good, but give up on the N’SYNC look for God’s sake.

I wrestle too… You think my diets bad? You should hear what most idiots on my team do to make weight.


Wrestling and eating obviously don’t mix very well, and it is more then apparent to everyone who has responded to you that you simply are not eating enough.

If you were to double your caloric intake, I am sure that you would see your T levels improve dramatically. This of course, isn’t going to happen until wrestling season is over so don’t sweat it too much until it is.

Up your calories (3200, keep the same 40/30/40 ratios), lift 3-4 times/week emphasising the basic lifts and cut back on the cardio … you will gain if you do all of these things …

Luke, you need to eat alot more. I dont care if you are a classic endomorph at 150 pounds you probably dont have a lot of muscle at all and you cant begin to improve definition until you put on some muscle mass. Hell at your age you dont have to cut calories to get definition just build some muscle and all of a sudden the fat will just melt away. And get off that damn ECA stack, you weigh 150 what are you dring to do melt away. Yes and definetly take it slow and dont try to rush anything if you are a true dedicated bodybuilder and T-Man then you need to stay in it for the long haul.

If you would have written 20 instead of 17 years everybody would think your plan is reasonable, but now everybody and their cousin
is bitchin about it. If you feel that your
bodyfat is too high, your plan is right on the

Luke, are you sure that your bodyfat is 18%? Whatever method you used, there can be significant error. I would trust the mirror more than a number coming off a caliper or BF scale. 5’9" 150lbs and 18%BF just does not compute. I have a friend who was measured to be 24%BF by his personal trainer (go figure) and he has a six pack. I would have have to agree with the other guys and say that you should probably eat more. It has been my experience that you can be actually be lighter at higher calories, but be lean and tight, while on lower than optimum calories, you’ll be weak, tired and fat.

150, 33" waist, 4 abs showing. BF was from the waist measurement form, just used as a rough measurement to track progress

Dude! Plain and simple. Eat!! Want a second opinion? Have a snack while waiting. Seriously, I increased the amount I was eating, and cut out the bullshit, and gained 15 lbs of muscle while losing 25 lbs of fat. I’m 6’3" and 225 at around 12 %, but I was a fat bastard. Diet is THE #1 thing. Eat, eat good, and eat often.

I had to drop from 185-165 to make weight…oh only 20 lbs. you say, do it in a week and a half! I came in at 163 after a week. Did I lose muscle…damn straight, did I lose strength…you bet your life. Did my team scream when I pinned the other 160 kid to win sectionals…damn straight. I did this on 1/2 a power bar a day. I’m not reccomending this as a correct way to eat, but shit. Sood luck at making weight, thats all I can say