TeddyKgb and the T-Dawg

Hey Teddykgb, I was wondering why you chose a calorie intake of 12X rather then the protocol of 15/16 or 17 as laid out by Chris. You had great results, did you get 12 out of a hat or through research? Also I am doing GBC …how didi you feel after a workout, I am totally depleated, and after my post-workout shake I am just whooped…thanks Teddy

oh yeah and did you follow the 30 carb/ 70 carb protocol???..except on your carb up day…???

Davan, my chosen calorie level isn’t as far off from Chris’s recommendations. If you reread his article he recommends first multiplying bodyweight by 16, 17 or 18, then subtracting I think 500 cals or so. You don’t use bw*16, 17 or 18 for your actual calorie level, this is just your approx. maintenance level. I never ate any pre-workout carbs, and I only consumed either protein and glutamine or a MRP (20-25 g. carbs) post-workout. You will feel spent after a workout on GBC, particularly if you’re really pushing it on the squats, split squats, etc. It’ll get easier though, I promise. Good luck!

Ok gotcha, teddy, so what was the most carbs you took in during the week other then carb-up??

The first few weeks of GBC I wasn’t doing a really low-carb approach, but around maybe 100-125 g. carbs/day (20-30 g./meal), utilizing MRP’s and low-glycemic stuff. When I switched to the CKD I was at anywhere from under 20 g./day to as high as 40-50 g.