Anabolic Diet and GBC (TeddyKGB)??

After all this talk on massive eating, etc. I decided to hold off on a Zone approach until more info is provided by John Berardi on what the negative effects are of combining this ratio of fat and protein in one meal. OK, so i’m gonna follow the Anabolic Diet along with GBC from Manly Weight Loss (got both books).
Teddykgb, i’m assuming this is pretty close to your approach to losing fat. I know u followed MRP ratios before hand, but i’m interested in your results from your CKD and GBC, namely amount of fat loss, time it took, and if you actually got completely ripped (solid, six pack, etc) Never gotten that lean and I’m DYING TO. I have the UTMOST respect for Dr. Di Pasqaule and trust his Anabolic/Metabolic Diet approach is the right way to eat. Gonna take in about 2400 cals (5 meals), 210g protein (bw about 212). Protein 35%cals, Fat60%cals (about 160g) and 30g carbs. 1 Day carb up, eating fairly clean and a few cheat meals if the urge arises. Along with GBC 3x week, starting w/ program one in the book and progressing from there, is that what you followed? Diet is gonna basically be 80% ground beef, eggs and bacon ocassionally and some melba toast, regular toast or carbs from protein powder (w/ olive and fish oil) when I can’t eat at school. 1 or 2 Pepsi One’s a day (Poliquin says some diet soda is good for fat loss, effervescence makes it absorbed better than from coffee) And I’m NOT touching ECA b/c it gave me “problems” in the past. Sound sensible? if there’s any flaws let me know. Anyone on this diet for over a year, Di Pasquale still says this is a livable diet and if I get ripped (god I hope I do), i’ll use it to put on mass (which I once did quite successfully) and i’ll stick with it for good.

This doesn’t sound like a bad approach, Flex, but your cals might be a hair too low depending on your bodyfat. When I started dieting I had just recovered from surgery to repair an inguinal hernia and a hydrocele (sp). Doc initially said four weeks off but I ended up taking two months. I was, for me anyway, severely out of shape. I started out at a little over 17% b.f. Initial program wasn’t GBC, but a 3x/week plan similar to what most 20-rep squat programs advocate, going all out on these and pullovers, then working up to one set of 8-10 reps to failure on a bunch of basic exercises, just to “get my ducks in a row.” I was using MRP’s for 3-4 meals/day depending on schedule. From week seven on, I switched to GBC, and for the most part I used the 3x/week splits as outlined in the Poliquin book, but I always performed three different workouts per week. I always supersetted two exercises-I never did the groups of 4 on some of his splits. I personally liked the very first one as it allowed me to do deadlifts. The CKD approach came about after three weeks. I was apprehensive about combining GBC w. a CKD but I wanted to test my good recovery ability. I blew my fair share of carb-ups, but the end result was still good, I just had to diet for a couple extra weeks. I even fat fasted for a few days at a time toward the end, and I did so w/o the Androsol/Nandrosol. At the end, 7-site Jackson Pollock test showed me under 5 percent. Ab skinfold was down to 5, and waist got down to 28.5 in. I felt a tad flat, and I’m pretty self conscious about how I look but everyone in the gym was telling me how great I looked. I had the tan and shaved body going too so I could really see the striations when I worked out. I was somewhat of a runt, but one hell of a lean runt. What was really cool was that all my lifts either maintained or went up from start to finish. I did use EC, but I tolerate it pretty well. Entire diet phase lasted 17 weeks, but w. stricter carb-ups I could’ve shaved about three weeks off of this.

Hey Teddy, thanks for all the info you have given us…I was wondering how you structured your Carb-up, Carbs/cals/timing/ALA/ etc…if you have layed this out before then just point me to the thread but I couldn’t find the exact details. thanks teddy

Well do you want my intended carb-up plan or what actually happened most of the time (LOL)? Two totally different approaches. My intended plan was based on Lyle McDonald’s recommendations. I tried to eat every two hours, the first two meals being liquid meals (approx. 100 g. carbs/30-40 g. protein), then approx. 50 g. every two hours for a 24 hr. period. What usually happened, however, was a haphazard carb free-for-all. I didn’t eat any fast food or total junk most of the time, but just ate way too many bowls of corn flakes, apple cinnamon granola, Met-Rx bars, etc. It was not uncommon for me to hit the 7,000 calorie barrier on a carb-up. Obviously I do not recommend this, especially if you are carb-sensitive like myself. Whenever I overdid it I usually found myself practically passed out on the couch for the majority of the day. I consumed anywhere from 1200 to 3,000 mg. lipoic acid during carb-ups, and I also used the Atkins Blood Sugar formula as recommended by Coach Poliquin. I may have to look into Metformin or something the next time I decide to use a CKD for dieting.

Ok great Teddy, so on my carb up day I will try do do what you recommended…one question I will use probably a gram of ALA on this day, and as far as the Atkins product when did you find this most useful…all of the time or just on your carb-up??..this also contains 240 mg of AlA per serving, so I will have to figure this in.

Davan, actually I believe Blood Sugar by Atkins should be taken on the low carb days, with each meal. Poliquin said that’s his recommendation at his seminar in NY, but Blood Sugar is real expensive. The thing is he said the quality is excellent, and Atkins is making little profit from it b/c the ingredients themselves are pure and expensive.

I don’t know if I would go so far as to say that Atkins makes little profit off of the Blood Sugar Formula seeing as his employees get a 75% discount and I find it hard to believe that the finance division would okay such a policy if it meant taking a loss.