TBT Rest Days

I’ve started CW’s TBT and had a question regarding the rest days. It says to allow at least 48 hours between workouts. I started it Tuesday so am I now supposed to workout Friday? I’m confused because it says to do 3 sessions per week and I worked it out to something like this:

Sun. on
Mon off
tues off
wed on
thur off
fri off
sat on

then week 2:
Sun off
Mon off
tues on
wed off
thur off
Fri on
Sat off

As you can see, you would only workout twice in the second week. I could be just retarded and screwing something up but could someone clear this up for me? I was thinking of just taking only one day off between workouts for the weeks when I only get 2 sessions in.

as far as i can tell

Tuesday to the same time on Thursday is 48 hours.

It’s the 2 days in a row off that is messing you up. You typically only need one “full” day of rest, because the remainder of the workout day combined with the time on the day of the next workout equals the other 24 hours.

In other words:

Monday: workout at 4pm (end at 5pm)

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: workout at 4pm (end at 5pm)

So, you would have 7 hours of rest on Monday after your workout, 24 on Tuesday, and 16 hours prior to your workout on Wednesday. 7+24+16= 47.

One full day of rest is therefore usually plenty on TBT. If you had a late evening workout on Monday and wanted to do a morning workout on Wednesday, you may come up a bit on your recovery time but 48 hours is just a guideline. If nutrition, sleep, etc. were all in order it’s probably not a big deal.

Dude, just choose 3 days and stick to em. Tuesday/thurs/sat works for me.