What routine do you reccommend?I squat about 235 and ironically bench 225, deadlift-who knows?–but I’d like to train “Nebraska style”. How do I go about doing this? what’s the split/sets/reps/rest? I becoming increasingly convinced that little direct arm work is necessary.

This is the most basic program, but yields fabulous results I suggest at least 3 months of building your poundages up in these core lifts.
Squat powerclean
Bench deadlift
you will go to 85%of your maximum in this rep range; 8-warmup, 5,4,3,2,1 ending at 85%so an example 100pound max would look like this
Do this each for Squat and Bench pair with squat leg curls toes pointed 4 sets of six Bench on Monday
Tuesday Powerclean and Deadlift
Follow the same rep scheme (find someone to teach you proper form make sure to use your legs to explode up)Better to go on the light side in the beggining until you dial in your form
Deadlift keep your back straight perfect form on all sets Remember only 85% of max

Weds Off
Squat Bench
Heavy ending at 95% of max
each set should be to failure but you must complete sets (last set you should barely be able to finish. When this last one gets easy you go for a new max the following thursday and your whole cycle changes again a different 95% obviously so if your max was 300 and you finished easily with it the following week you attempt and get 315 that would be your new max and use 85% and 95% accordingly

also add 4sets of 6 on the incline press

Heavy Cleans 8 5 4 3 2 1 ending at 95% of max
Deadlifts 8 5 4 3 2 1 ending at 95 % of max
all these sets should be to failure (no forced reps allowed)

Saturday and Sunday OFF

Eat at least 1 g of protein per pound of lbm eat lots of lowglycemic fruits and vegies Oatmeal and some yams if you tolerate carbs well. Eat healthy fats Pb all natural nuts etc advocado, flax, omegea 3 fish when ever possible try to get atleast 5 meals a day. I'm sure you know about the post workout shake Use carbs like ultra fuel and whey protein with no fat only on heavy days on light days use a shake like grow (low glycemic)With Udo's or flax don't make the mistake mostyoung trainees make by cutting carbs out thinking they want the bradd pitt look. You have to build muscle inorder to get cuts anyway!

Your only concern is building up these poundages!!!!!I know people are gonna email and say the motor recruitment patterns on the cleans and squats and deadlifts are to close you have to seperate them etc. Don't worry this is a tried and true method of training I have seen many young kids gain 50 lbs in 3 years of training. give it 3 months you have nothing to loose. Post a message if you have any questions what so ever Oh include a good multivitamin also . You could also check out complet conditioning for football its a nebraska book. I would wait and use this split for a while though