T17-E and N17-E ?

I did a search for info on these future products and found nothing. can anyone give me the name the article on these or tell me what they are and how they work. (I’m guessing 2nd generation pro-hormones). thanks.

Try a search for N-17E instead of

Brian Visser

how much time did you spend searching past articles?? like 10 seconds?? look in the BTS articles.

Scott, that is the type of jackass answer that really rubs me the wrong way. Guess what, I did use the search engine and it gave me 2 choices and both gave vague references to a potential release date. No hard info. If you have the time to flame someone, you have time to give them an intelligent answer. Although the search engine is great, it is not perfect. I have spent literally hours using it to find something I know I have read in the past, only to find it in the last place recomended. Please be a part of the solution and not the problem.