I can’t wait no more, when this product will be on sale?!?!?
I want it! NOW!



 I know you guys hate to put a date on new products, but can you give us a ballpark idea of when we could expect it?  Some of us are preparing for competitions and would like to know if we should count on it soon.  Thanks!

My guess would have to be that they are experiencing production difficulties of some sort or other
Patterson broke news about 5 months ago and still nothing but i’m not holding my breath cause T2 was supposed to but out several times already. I am also looking forward to the new products but i’m skeptical that we will see anything soon

Tim writes in the current issue, “It’s going to be awhile before N-17E is available. We’re still working through manufacturing glitches. I don’t want to set any release dates yet, because it’s way too early to project — plus I don’t want to get everyone’s hopes up. Keep checking in, though.”

Let them take their time guys (no offense). I’d rather wait a long time for an amazing product instead of a hurried bust. I am anxious too but I’d rather spend my money on quality which is something that is scarce these days in any business. Keep up the great work all you guys at T-Mag.