T-Woman, where are you?

I want to know where I can find my own T-woman. It seems like there are a few who read the site, but I don’t seem to meet any where I live.

I live in a college town (University of Florida), and there are thousands of incredibly hot girls. Unfortunately, now that I’m not a student and getting older (I’ll be 26 soon) it seems like it’s harder to meet women in general. And I haven’t seen many T-women!

So where are you hiding? Where does a great T-man like myself find you? And what must I do to keep you? I’ve got a lot to offer to the right T-woman. Why don’t we start the T-mag dream date contest? Holler if you hear me!

Lest you or anybody get the wrong impression let me state for the record that I am not and will at no time in the future be,a T-Woman. Now that I’ve cleared that up I wanted to offer you a suggestion that might help you find one. Find out where people are playing Ultimate Frisbee in Gainsville. Your best bet is to check the net and find out about league info in your town. For the uninitiated,Ultimate is a damn fine sport and will eventually take the world by storm. There’s a lot of running,throwing,jumping and catching and a fundamental part of the game is something called the Spirit of the Game. There are no refs so good sportsmanship is a must. Anyway, given that this is a non-contact sport there are quite a few hot,athletic,cool chicks that play. Most summer league’s are co-ed. So you owe it to yourself to get out there and check out the scene. Even if you don’t fall in love with a T-Woman you just might fall in love with the sport.

Along with what Mike said, I have to say that I have found some of the
coolest girls on the Womens Rugby team. Now don’t get me wrong 2
out of every three female ruggers are dikes, but the ones that aren’t
can be pretty cool

I am wondering the same thing. None here in Atlanta, or are there?

My T-vixen rocks! She is stronger than most guys,looks great naked,lifts weights,hates cardio, and has nice big round implants that look great in a T-rone shirt.

Chiks like this are hard to come by! Yet they are out there.

I am a very lucky man!

good luck!

You know, I’ve played ultimate frisbee before. But that was in high school. I know they have some leagues around here. I need to look into it! I bet I could join one. I never thought about ultimate frisbee as a T-woman sport. Interesting. And I recently found out that they have a women’s rugby team. Maybe I need to check out some of those games too.

I’ll tell you what, you don’t find T-women at the clubs and bars. Nothing but sluts there! Or they are alcoholics who look hot, but smoke and act stuck up! We can’t have any of that!

I’m on the search now! It’s go time. Are there any T-woman in Gainesville who frequent the T-mag board?

Keep on looking nate. I’m a 37 yo male and just stated dating a girl in her mid 20’s. She lifts, but is a little more into cardio. She can ski all day and ski well. Later at night she looks great at the nicest restaurants. She hopes to do a sprint level triathlon this year, with the big goal a full length Ironman, preferably Hawaii. The girl loves to talk diet and training. Fantastic! She can kick my ass running and skiing; we’re even on a rode or mt bike. But I still own the weights.
The thing that was great, she used to live up the street before college. The best advice I could give is learn, do what you like, and keep your eyes and ears open. Good luck!

Nate, since your gym sounds like more of a hardcore lifting facility, and you probably don’t meet too many ladies in your particular line of work, you might just wanna check out the women at a local church… Now I know that that sounds like a terrible reason for going, but it does sound to me like a woman with a fair amount of morals would certainly be important to you…And where do you go for healthy food in your town? I live in a college town as well, and all of the hotties like to frequent particular grocery stores and healthy resturants… I’ve found that some of the hottest women love to hang out at coffee shops and bookstores as well… and all it takes is for you to say hi… notice something particular about them, or what they’re wearing, doing , etc and say something clever… Meeting women is really an art and takes a certain amount of practice… You may also be interested in reading a particular book called “How to Succeed with Women”… To tell you the truth, my best friend was reading it one day, and I laughed at him for it… he told me that it’s really not as bad as it sounds from the title… I was pretty sceptical, but then I started reading it for a few minutes… I couldn’t put it down… Then I went out and even bought my own copy… My friends and I now refer to it as “The Bible” and I must say it has made a HUGE difference in my pimping abilities… And I think the T-Mag dream date contest would be pretty cool as well…I wonder how something like that would work? I certainly have no idea… Hope any of this helps… Later

Create one! Seriously, my wife and I were together long before I got into lifting/building. High school sweethearts yadda yadda, but I was a thin baseball player. A rotator cuff injury ended that. Then (about six years later) I started weight training with some co-workers. My wife, soon thereafter. Picture this NATURAL 38D 26 36. Squat=425 * 8 Bench 165*8 She’s incredible, and I’ve never had a better workout partner, and the “synchronized ab workouts” are something to behold! :slight_smile:

Nate, If I was you i would start training girls. If you live in a college town you could just post an advertisement on campus for womens fitness training or something. Also, I have to agree with Boogabrain, if you want to find a good girl and not one of those dirty sluts at the bar, then you should probably look for one at church. I don’t think you should go to church just to find a woman, but every time I go, I meet the hottest, nicest girls.

Hey IRONDOC my girl can beat up your girl!

Hey Nate, just take a few classes in the evenings. I just started my MBA program, and boy, I tell you what. It’s a constant struggle to concentrate on the lectures. Of course, since I’m married, all I can is look. But I can’t help up imagine how it could be if I was single.

Hey Nate-I went to school at UF (go gators). Where do you work out at? Is Gainesville Gym still open? That place had a reeking smell, but was hardcore. Have you been to that Orion health club? I used to live off that low fat pizza place (I forget the name). It’s on University, near 34th st.

BoogaBrain, it’s ironic that you mentioned church. Actually, a friend and I have been talking about attending the church right down the road from my house because some of the hottest girls in town go there.

And we have the inside scoop because a mutual friend said she would introduce us to some of the “bling, blings” if you know what I mean. And we’ve been meaning to do this, but the last couple weekends we have been out too late on Saturday night and have not made it to church on Sunday morning. But you can bet that I will go. I know, it seems bad to go to church to find a girl. I actually was going back to church recently for the spiritual part of my life that has been missing. So I bet I can kill two birds with one stone.

I would like to train with some females at my gym, and occassionally I can get a female friend to come with me. But I've realized that if you don't look "big" people don't care how you train or want your advice. I'm a small guy, so the only time anyone can tell that I work out is if they see me without my shirt or if they happen to grab my tight arms, chest or ass!

And I’ve been keeping myself open to meeting new people everywhere I go. In fact, I shop at Publix all the time. Well, one day I was going to ask one of the cashier’s out. Then I found out she was 17! Needless to say, my younger brother is dating her now. And most of the other girls are young too. I seriously need someone over 21.

I work for United Way, so the only time I meet people within my age group is when they are volunteering on one of my committees, or if I am volunteering for one of our agencies. And I've met a few people, but nothing has come out of it.

I’m definitely living my life now and having fun (I had a bad breakup last April that affected me for many months afterward). So maybe I’ll just happen to meet someone as I’m out doing my own thing. It would be nice if it happened sometime soon!

I hope that summer is better. I’m much more active in the summer, and maybe I can find some hot spots to meet a nice T-woman.

Thanks for all the advice! You guys have made some great suggestions. Hey Chris Shugart, when are we going to get the T-mag Dream Date Contest in effect?

Well, okay, Nate, if it’s a T-mag Dream Date Contest you want, then I guess you’ll get it. We’ll start the “Romantic Evening with Ian King” contest next week. How’s that?

Probably not what you meant, huh? :slight_smile:

Ahhhhhh…no, that’s not quite what I meant. You know, I’m up for new things but I just don’t swing that way. Maybe we can go back to the drawing board on this one. Hey, do you know if any T-women will be at the seminar?

Not sure, Nate. You ought to try to make to the Arnold. I’ll bet that’s babe central this year with all the dance teams that’ll be there.

JD, yes the Gainesville Gym is still open! That’s where I train!! I’ve been there since 1994. It’s the cheapest gym in town and definitely hardcore.

Yeah, I’ve been to Orion’s before. It’s a good place to check out the hotties. Well, actually all of the gyms except Gainesville Gym are places to see hotties! But they are too expensive.

So you used to like that Sano’s low-fat pizza, huh? I tried it once. It was okay, but I’m not a big pizza lover, so one slice was enough for me. It tasted like frozen pizza! hehehe.

Oh yeah, good ole UF. This year will be two years since I graduated. Gotta love those Gators!!! What are you doing now?

nate, if was you i would just let them hear the vocal talents you display on all snoop and dre’s cd’s. rock/hip hop stars can always get chicks. what about all the ones i see you in the videos with? by the way i like your song on the new xzhibit cd.

Rapping is pretty good, but all those “hoes” are paid for. We don’t hook it up. We just use them so they shake that ass around.