I can’t believe you guys left out Miriam Power.
She’ hot, she powerlifts (unlike the rest of technologically enhanced vixens mentioned) , and seems like a hardcore girl.

I’d thought the question was strictly on
sheer hotness, without extra points for
ability to lift weights or anything.

What about Rose McGowan???

I dunno, Janet Reno looks like she could Snatch about 700kilos.

Vince, if you ever use the words “Janet Reno” and “snatch” in the same sentence again, I’ll kick your ass.

If you do, I’ll just call up Janet and get her to lay her big, strong Snatch on you!! :slight_smile:

Akicita. I know where you live. So does my snatch. Watch your back big boy.

I was highly disappointed that Jessica Alba (from Dark Angel) was not included on that list. Yes, the list was good, but Jessica Alba is hella hot and deserves an honorable mention if not in the top 10.

Jessica Alba and Rose McGowan? The list was of the top 10 T-vixens, not the top 10 least likely to have survived the trials in 17th century Salem.

SALMA HAYEK! Spicy!! Need I say more?

My vote goes to Brook Burke, the chick from the E! show Wild On. She’s one hot piece of ass! She’s got the most lucious melons, and an incredible face. What a great duo the E! channel has going with Howard Stern leading into Wild On!

Speaking of T-vixens, after watching one of those Ironman Swimsuit videos, I’d have to say that I’d really love to nail Cori Nadine. She doesn’t have the best body in the fitness modeling world but she’s got that look that says “fuck me hard”. Just for that (and her great set of tits) she deserves to be on the list.