'Sup kiddies? I was just struck with a cool post subject: What would your “Theme” or, for you wrestling fans “Entrance” song be? THis should be the song that digs into you and forces out one last gratifying rep when you throw it on, and something that defines you in some way as well. I’m going with “Monster” by Rollin’s Band.

“MB Eric: Almost forgot to include one of these since earlier when I posted the above”


Thats a great song…right now I would have to say that my pick would be from MetallicA’s cover of Astronomy, probably the second heavy verse…either that or Dont Tread On Me

When I wrestled, Our team came in to “Eye of the Tornado” by Megadeth. When it was football season we came in with “welcome to the jungle” by GNR or “Angry Again” also by Megadeth. They were kinda old songs when I went to school but they were kickass and definitely got the blood pumping.

My theme would be “Cop Killer”. Being that it was banned, makes it much more compatible to my non-conformist personality. Besides, it’s violent and controvesial. This lends itself to a perfect entrance song. People pay attention more when something pisses them off, or up holds thier beliefs. This song does both perfectely.

Damn thats hard how about a mix - ROCK a bit of that heavy guitar from RATM Renegades track 1 (when he says “music orientated so when hip hop was originated, it fitted like pieces of puzzles, complicated”), ELECTRONIC speed garage bass like “Aliens” by Armand Van Helden RAP would be track 3 off new Mystical (jump) or NORE by Noreaga or Time for some action by Redman. Wait up … Ive used it before so I’ll stick with “Still” by the (other) one and only Dre.

“Thunderstruck” by AC/DC

“Walk” by Pantera. The only workout song you’d ever need.

Okay, Im really going to date myself here (as in carbon dating), but some of my faves are: “Run Like Hell” by Pink Floyd, “Tom Sawyer” by Rush (actually the entire side 1 of Moving Pictures), “Once” by Pearl Jam, and there’s a couple from Stone Temple Pilots and Bon Jovi that crank me up as well. Usually I work out in a silent room at 5 am. I’ll be moving my equipment into a separate room sometime soon, so I’ll be able to blast some tunes in there.

Oh man thi a good idea for a post…i’ll prob be posting on it again bcause tnhere’s so amny song…we used to come out to for whom the bell tolls by Metallica for football. I like Stuck, by Limp Bizkit. Fear by Disturbed. Victory(quiet storm remix )by Mobb Deep and DMX. The last one would probably be a new DMX song called Who’s Next? It starts of with the growling and he says When its on,it’s on…Those are some songs with cool beginnings that get me going.

Four songs
Lifting or fighting
DMX “Party Up” That’s where the chorus says “Y’all gon make me lose my mind up in here up in here”
“The Show” Doug E. Fresh I’m going to give you a show

Lifting only
“Phenomenon” LL Cool J Hey it’s got my fighting nickname as the chorus so I gotta like it!

“Welcome to the Terrordome” Public Enemy

Being that my nickname is Goldberg i gotta go with goldbergs entrance. Its all instrumental and is bad as shit. Megadeaths Crush Em is bad ass too. All the Rocky songs rock.

Back in Black AC/DC Silk Black Cadillac AC/DC and most of DMX stuff especially Ruff Riders Theme Song " STOP Drop Shut them Down Open up Shop" Im big into Superbikes so this song is kinda my theme…

I know I only said one, but skrewit, I started this post. Here’s my ultimate list in no particular order:

  1. Liar-Rollins Band
  2. On my way to the Cage- Rollins Band
  3. No Way Out- Stone Temple Pilots
    4)Animal, Spin the Black Circle, and Not for you- Pearl Jam
    5)What a day and Tribute- *Nonpoint
    *If you have not heard this new band do yourself and your bench press a favor and pick it up, they do a HARDCORE cover of Busta Rhyme’s “Got you all in check” need I say more?
    6)You know, Originally I said I’d go with “Monster” by Rollins band, but I feel that the PERFECT workout song is off of Monster Magnet’s new cd “God Says No” THe song is called “GRAVITY WELL” and is probably the sickest, msot depraved sounding tune ever. It’s one of those rare melodies that could turn Mr. Rogers into Chucky Manson in 60 seconds or your next one is free. Lata.

“MB Eric: Your weightroom Primate DJ since 1733.”



“Snap your fingers, Snap your neck” by Prong is one of my favorites, or “Just One Fix” by Ministry, Mostly because Heroin is my other hobby.

Love Dump - StaticX

Burn - NIN

Elevation “Tomb Raider Mix”

definitely by far, “man in the box” alice in chains. all the other songs are good but this is 'da shit

Macho Man by the Village People ,
I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred,

In all seriousness, Bring the Pain by Method Man. I love the entrance by Damon Wayans in the Great White Hype to that song.