T-Men Stats

I saw this thread a while ago, but it seemed to disappear. Just wondering how much everyone else lifts (weight and reps) for any exercises they feel like naming. Also, any other stats are cool too.

I am 14, male, 5’8, 180, don’t know bf%. Dips and chins, bodyweight to failure. All the next are to failure, usually around 8 reps. Bent rows 115, incline bench 115, incline DB press 45s, close grip bench 115, DB rows 40s, tri extensions 55, deadlift 115, squat 225, leg press 605, calf press somethin like 700, clean 165 max, overhead press 65 (I gotta do something about that), leg extension 315, leg curl 135, hypers 80, shrugs 100s, curls 45, incline curls 20s, reverse incline curls 30s, DB shoulder press 30s, lunges 135. I do back bridges, jacknife pushups, and janda situps. I can do the splits and touch my face to the ground. I can stand against a wall and put my leg above my head. I can pull my nipples out 6 inches and tie them together. I put down a few pounds of food a day.