T level

I just read the message from Luke about low T levels, to which most people replied with a suggestion to up calories. I had mine measured recently (I’m 26) and they’re low. I have the feeling I don’t eat enough, although I’ve maintained my bw at 250, maybe 13% bf. Is this for real? Can T levels really be increased by eating more calories (if one isn’t eating enough)? I sit on my ass all day at work, and I train (powerlifting) 4-5 times a week.

Thanks for the input.


Hi George,

Low T levels can be raised by eating more calories, but this usually only helps those people who are eating far too little to begin with.

From what I have read, people who have low T levels usually are not eating enough fats. Fats and cholesterol are needed by the body to produce “T”.

Now, your low T levels may or may not be affected by diet; I would go get checked out by a medical professional to be certain. You could experiment before seeing the doctor, however. Simply keep you calorie content the same, and replace some of your carb calories (and perhaps even some of your protein cals) with healthy fats … Flax oil is good, as is “Perfected Oil Blend” made by Udo Erasmus. The Zone diet ratios (40% carb, 30% pro, 30% fat) is a good one to mess around with as well. After changing your diet, see if you don’t feel a general improved demeanor after about two weeks.