Trying to bring my diet in strict compliance with above. Clear I cannot get the calories high enough while keeping carbs and proteins low enough without fat supplementation (just sounds like a bad idea). I have flax seed oil, just dumped a tbspn into a serving of Tuna–not too bad. How do you guys comfortably work a bunch of flax seed oil into daily regime. Protein drinks are out cause that would put me outside that 135 grams or so my body weight dictates. Any help would be appreciated.

I like to take it strait from the spoon…that way it doesn’t ruin the taste of my food or shake. Capsules come in real handy, though, when you’re on the go or at work…

Not sure if your question was how to take flax oil, or how to get extra fat while in the T-dawg/ketogenic diet, but for extra ‘fat’ on a keto diet, try whole eggs, or heavy cream. I mix a scoup of whey protein and 1/2 cup of cream with a few packs of Equal and whip it with a hand blender. Who needs carbs? Almost makes ‘dieting’ fun. Or put the cream into coffee. Also try ceasar’s salad dressing on chicken or tuna. As for flax oil, I’ve gotten so I actually enjoy it on food, but you can try mixing it with some herbs an vinegar and making a dressing out of it. All of the above are near zero carbs.

Tablespoon of flax in a glass of water. Guzzle it down like a shot. It is not at all tasty, but it gets the job done.

I’ve just finished a short run of the T-dawg diet (rate the ass off it - lost all the fat I needed, increased my deadlift). Personally I think that you should substitute canned salmon your tuna and flax oil combination. The former is tastier, is rich in essential fatty acids and you get protein at the same time. Salmon is lower in protein than tuna, per ounce, so you’re less likely to overshoot your daily protein intake. Canned salmon might be a better and possibly cheaper option than supplementing tuna with additional fats.

I’m currently experimenting with a T-Dawg variation where I get much higher protein intake (got 240 grams yesterday) and slightly higher carb intake. Basically, I stick to the same calorie recommendations and just eat more protein and more carbs (trying to keep carbs under 100g per day.) Working great so far, might even be better than the original version because you feel better in the gym and you have more food choices.

So, don’t worry about going over the protein recommendations for now. BTW, I’m not using flax or Udo’s at all with this new experiment. Just a few fish oil caps.

Thanx for the help guys. A wonderful resource.

Or, instead of Flax, you could always use Olive Oil with your Tuna!