T-Dawg Diet

I’ve just started the T-dawg diet (day 3 now) and am approaching my first weekend. Will i get best results skipping this weekends carb up to give my body a couple of weeks to adjust or will i be fine to follow the carb up cycle from week 1? I’m asking this as i’ve read ‘the metabolic diet’ by DiPasquale which is very similar to the T-dawg diet and recommends a full 12 days with a low carb intake to get the body into a state of ketosis or near ketosis. Any help or tips you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated, this is the first time i’ve really taken control over my diet and i don’t want to f*!k it up and lose the motivation.

I’ve often advised people to skip the first weekend of carbs just to jump start the program or if they’re in a big hurry. Still, one good meal isn’t going to hurt your progress much. Might add some water weight and make you feel a little smooth the next day, but no great damage long term.

A free meal keeps people on track the rest of the week in my opinion. And if you want to reduce the guilt of a free meal, do what I sometimes do: I wake up on “free day”, take my MD6 and T2, and go for a run. Then I have a low carb shake for breakfast, my “free meal” for lunch, and two more low carb shakes the rest of the day. This makes up for the “evil” free meal at the Olive Garden or Texas Roadhouse and doesn’t make much a dent in my fat loss goals. Of course, a competitive bodybuilder wouldn’t want to do this around contest time, but it’s fine for regular guys and gals wanting to look good nekid and stay “social and sane” doing it.

Having studied and done the CKD (a variation of the T-Dawg)a number of times, I would say skipping the first weekend’s carb-up would be dependent on two main factors: 1) how much fat you wish to lose; and 2) the level/degree of weight training you have done during the week. If your starting bf% is over 13% give or take a few, I would suggest possibly skipping the first weekends carb-up since more fat as opposed to muscle would be lost if in a catabolic state. If starting bf% is under that and you have trained relatively hard, I might suggest engaging in the carb-up, just making sure you tally your total caloric intake on carb-up days to make sure you don’t go to high over your maintenance caloric level. It took me a few cycles to get the sequence perfect, but if you do it right, the CKD is bad ass. Sounds like you might want to stay in ketosis for a few more days though; just track your total caloric intake, and make sure that shit reads -500 or so per day (use a computer program like excel to create a food database, its easy and really is phat)…