T-Dawg Diet Modifications?

The diet was written four years ago.
Are there any recommendations for replacing the supplements available at the time with newer, possibly better supplements. For instance, the MD6.

I’m not big into supps beyond protein shakes and vitamins, but beyond using T-Dawg as a template you can apply Berardi’s principals for nutrient timing, PWO nutrition, and P+C/P+F combo meals. Just dig into his articles here or on his site.

I’ve taken this approach and I’m happy with the results. The first couple weeks I was losing a little fat but nothing special, but now it seems like the effectiveness is accelerating. I’m also keeping my weight about the same while lowering BF, which means I’m gaining some lean, which is really cool.

I also tend to cheat more on the weekends than would be considered “optimal”, but have found from experience that I need the break for psychological health, even if it slows me down a bit.


I’m personally going to be using Red Bands but since that’s been discontinued I’d consider either the new Methoxy-7 or the new Maximum Strength HOT-ROX…or both if your budget can do it. I’ll also be taking ALC, ALA, and green tea extract while dieting down.

The T-Dawg 2.0 Diet only mentions MAG-10, 4-AD-EC, Methoxy-7 & HOT-ROX/Red Bands as supplements that will "greatly aid in the retention of lean body mass (LBM) and perhaps even lead to some muscle gain, which is normally pretty hard to accomplish while dieting down.

Here’s the link:


Core supplement should be Maximum Strength HOT-ROX. I feel this is powerful enough to keep you from losing any LBM and you may even be able to gain some muscle while dieting.

So, no need to add a prohormone. Methoxy-7 could be used if you want, but I really think Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is all you need.

For during and post-workout, use Surge. No need to neglect carbs in this time period, even when on a reduced carb diet. Yes, you can lose tons of fat even with a big intake of carbs right after training. In the long run, you’ll probably lose even more.

If you can’t get enough protein from your solid food intake or just want a fast and convenient protein source, add some Low Carb Grow!.

Thanks gentlemen, (no insult intended)
I was hoping to make Maximum Strength HOT-ROX the core supplement, since I already made up my mind to get it.