T-dawg diet question

Okay just bear with me regarding this simple question (actually its 2 questions).
Fisrt one is how many people have had success with the t-dawg diet ( following it to the T or modifying it) and my second one is I am planning on using myoplex for my post workout shake with 10grms of gluatmine. But I was wondering, would anyone recommend having another MRP in the morning or not (due to maltodextrin content)
the reason why is it’s gonna be hard to get around 180 grms of protein from whole foods.

thanks for any advice or questions. peace!!!

By the way i’m planning on using MD6,4ADec and Power Drive along with the diet. My diet is going to be like the example (including the mess-o greens salad)

Use a low carb protein powder instead on an MRP if you need extra protein. Avoid the maltodextrin except after exercise.

I’m t-dawging right now, and meltdown training. It’s been almost 3 weeks and i’m frustrated with the results. Ive been following the Diet to the T almost, i’ve been calculating my cals off my LBMx16-500.
Im allot fatter now then i was while using a less strict diet

You know there’s a T-Dawg Diet 2.0 right? Do a search on the forum. Chris Shugart outlined it here a week or two ago. The diet has been around almost three years. Most really do well on it.

TEK, which issue is the t-dawg diet 2.0 in???
or maybe you can tell me what is the difference between 2.0 and the regular diet.

There were a handful of updates on the T-Dawg 2.0, but as I recall, the two that standout were: 1)70-100g of carbs on Workout days & 100-150g of carbs on Non-workout days(something like that) and 2)I believe Chris suggested higher quality food, as found in “Lean Eatin.” Personally, I’m doing 100g on non-workout days & 150-200g on workout days and it’s very “clean” food. I’m pleased with the results but will be cutting down again in about a week and going on Tribex or Androsol. And BIGR, posts some stats, and I think you might want to reconsider the 4-AD-EC, that’s extreme for the T-Dawg. Also, 180g of protein with whole foods is not hard, try harder.

i keep searching for this updated version of the T-dawg diet… its always the same though…

The updated diet was presented in Reader Mail once and here on the forum twice. Search the forum. Do a search on “Chris Shugart” with the author search feature. You may have to hit search a few times to get it to work. Someone posted that this was going to be fixed once the new forum is put in place.

looked again didn’tfind anything new

stats: 5ft 10 180 lbs
Nate you think 4 ADec is a little to extreme for the diet ??? i was planning to go for 6-8 weeks. I always tend to lean out fast when on androgens plus I have more energy despite dropping all the glyco+carbs out of my system. Nate would you recomend something else ( i.e. androsol or andro spray from ergo) the reason why I want to do 4-adec is because you can do it for 8 weeks long.

Well bottomline, if you know it’ll work and you’re comfortable with your plan, then do it. However, I’m under the impression, perhaps incorrectly, that you’re following the T-Dawg 2.0 which has more carbs(150/100) than the original. In my opinion this isn’t cutting down to extreme levels and doesn’t really call for androgens to preserve muscle mass, but instead can be maintained by using MD6 and a carb-up every week. If I were you(and this is what I actually will be doing) is go on T-Dawg for 6 weeks or so and if you then want to drop cals/carbs again then bring out heavier supplementation. However, there are other variables that control my plan: 1)I want to spend as little money as possible to lean out($MD6 < $4-AD-EC; 2)I have a period of 10 weeks to lean out and am not in a rush, if I get carried away drinking one weekend and get slightly setback then no big deal(besides, if getting laid is a result then I’m cool with that); and 3)my energy levels are fine with this protocol so that’s not a concern. Then there’s training type, stress levels, etc.

Anyway, this is just one guy talking, evaluate your situation and make a plan based on it. Ask if got more questions and keep us posted.