I’m thinking of getting some t-cypionate for an upcoming cycle. I want to know which company’s t-cypt are not heavily counterfeited and which are. UpJohn, Steris, Jurox, etc.? Please help me if you know anything about t-cypionate.

All of them are heavily counterfeited.
Better off with enanthate as it is more
abundant and cheaper and does the same
thing as cypionate does or buy Omnadren
or Sustanon.

If you buy cyp, 99 times out of 100 it is fake.


thanks Brock for the quick reply. Is there any validity to the rumors I hear about Omnadren giving more water retention and Sustanon being less effective than enanthate if only injected once weekly?? How often should I inject 500mg of sust or omna?? Last time I did every 6 days and it seemed to work well… but people I know are now telling me that it sucks if injected less frequently because of the short esters in it become ineffective. What’s up?