Sylvestor Stallone

I don’t know if anyone gives a shit, but I figured what the hell…was watching ‘The Specialist’ last night starring Sly Stallone and Sharon Stone (?). Anyway, Sly is frickin’ riiiiiiiiiiiiiiped to the bone and hard! There’s a scene where he’s doing some type of tai’chi or something, and SHIT he’s cut and rock hard! Does anyone know, is he a bodybuilding fan in real life, or does he just get into good shape for the movies? I remember Bill Phillips kind of knew him…I was wondering if he works out all the time and stays in shape, or just does it for the movies? Anyone know?

He hasn’t stopped working out since Rocky.

Mike, if that’s true, then that’s damn impressive. I searched the net for his stats, and apparently he’s like 55 years old! Shit, I hope I look that good when I’m 55. I hate to say it, but I think the guy looks alot better than Arnold! More vascularity, better muscle shape, etc. Having alot of money at his disposal, I wonder if he takes drugs to get that cut? Not that it’s ‘wrong’, but it would be even more impressive if he’s natural.

he got fat for copland and hasn’t really recovered,to the old days.

Anabolic Steroids!!!

Yea, Sly has been around the BB community for a long time. He’s had articles and pic’s in Muscle & Fiction several times since Rocky. I’ve seen him and he is in great shape, especially for how old he is. However, he is about 5’8" and probably around 165 lb. I saw him with a baggy long sleeve shirt on and he looked like a 6th grader. You do have to admire his drive though. I’m sure he can handle himself in any situation too.

I definitely agree that Sly was very ripped in Specialist. He was pretty impressive in Cliffhanger as well. You can see a steady progression throughout the Rocky series, too. I read some where that he’s tired of the dietary discipline and hard work to stay in that kind of shape. He feels he doesn’t need to be in that kind of shape to make the movies he does, and has slacked off a little. I wonder how that will affect the box office?

Sly is once again ripped and there are scenes of him training for his soon to be released flick “Driven”.

No way Stallone is 5’8". Maybe 5’6". I would suspect some anabolics have been thrown in the mix from time to time, but who knows, he might just be a mesomorph. Plus being Italian doesn’t hurt. Italians and black dudes have the best genetics for bodybuilding hands down.

There is no way Sly uses anabolics. He is far too small (give him credit for being ripped, but not for being big).

I agree, he’s got an awesome body. I’ve looked everywhere to see what type of diet he follows to get ripped, if anyone knows let me know. I actually think he does follow Bill Phillips program. He was in Phillips’ Body of Work video, when they were awarding “the very hot” Meredith Brown for being a finalist. Bill said that Sylvester was there and that he works with him on his nutrition program. Like mentioned by others, doubt he Juices, he’s not big at all. But the Ripped, Vascular look is far more impressive in my opinion, granted there’s a decent amount of muscle.

There were rumors floating around my gym at the time Rambo:First Blood Part II came out that he got pec implants for the film. i don’t know if there’s any truth to that, but I’ve seen Rambo several times and it looks like it might be true. There are several scenes where his chest should be moving or flexing yet you see these 1/4 moon shaped areas on the outside of the pecs that aren’t doing anything, which muscle doesn’t do.

Low dosage steroids (probably deca, oxandrolone, winstrol and/or primobolan) all these don’t give crazy bloated size. Also, clenbuterol and GH. Don’t kid yourself guys, that is hollywood. If I had the bucks, I’d be doing it too. I know he trains and diets hard also. Gee, don’t you wish you could afford to have Dorian Yates train you and Wolfgang Puck preparing your meals.

Guys! My former partner/employer was Sly’s personal 'roid guru (at least for awhile).

He also told me (and I don’t know if it’s true or not), that Sly’s “equipment,” because of drug abuse, no longer functions and that he now has a pump.

Here’s a funny story: This former partner, whenever he wanted to impress somebody, would have his secretary buzz him and say, “Sly’s on line 1!” even when he wasn’t.

Very interesting guys, and wow, thanks for jumping in TC! I kind of figured that Sir Phillips (not that TC said that :wink: was advising on the drugs and stuff. I don’t think it’s wrong, hey, Hollywood is a competitive place. But drugs or not, he looks pretty damn good, and he has to be putting forth a lot of effort even if he’s chemically assisted! Hold on guys, my secretary just buzzed me, Sly and Arnold are on line 1 and 2!!! :smiley:

LOL…good one maclar. I only have Clinton and Monica on hold here, Dammit.

Yes…I heard the same thing that TC mentioned about Sly. Dude was/is definitely juicing. I heard he had probs. “getting it up” also. Pretty common discussion on the other boards,

I have read a couple of articles on sly’s training ( they are also on line)and they resemble the typical joe weider bullshit. In one he talks about starving himself down and then “rebuilding” his body. He also has an article in a life extension mag where he is asked outright if he uses roids and he replies that he uses “special” vitamins that are more potent than you can get in the US, and he claims he used GEROVITAL. You can find these articles on a website called STALLON ZONE. Actually I suggest you check this site out, it is full of some very strange and sick people.