Sustanon/Proviron/Clomid ?

My buddy and I are planning on trying our first steroid cycle coming up here. I know it’s a low dose, but we want to be careful. Let me know what you think of the cycle and give us some suggestions please? The cycle: Sustanon 250mg per week for 1st-6th week. Proviron 25mg per day for 1-6 weeks. And then ending the cycle with 50mg per day of Clomid for the 7th and 8th week. Do you think the Proviron is needed or do you think we need more? What type of gains might we expect if taken witht he correct training/rest/cal intake? Thanks!

The low dosage isn’t worth a shit!! I know that you don’t want side effects and want to be careful, but you gains will not be good. Since it is your first cycle, you need to do more research and make sure you do the right thing. Also, the gear is worthless if you don’t have the proper plan for eats, rest, cardio, etc. You need to eat TONS!! Also, the more prepared you are, the less chance you are going to have of side effects. Furthermore, the first cycle is the most important. You will have the best results from the first cycle. You are just pissing away good results by wanting to do the cycle you have mentioned. The idea is to get alot of gear into you the first week and then the second week until the end use a constant amount. You should look into the Gramabol cycle. But if think the Gramabol cycle is too much then here is my suggestion: 1st week-1000mg Sustanon 250; 2nd-12th week–600 mg Sustanon 250. Also, 100 mg Clomid each day finishing with 50mg clomid 2-3 wks post cycle. If you do the cycle that I have mentioned then you should expect no less than 25 lbs. If you have anymore question, just post on this thread!!

I appreciate the first message! Any more suggestions from anyone.

Ditch the Proviron. Search the forum for why. Use Clomid throughout the cycle, or better still Arimidex if you can get it. Use Clomid at the end of cycle regardless. My first cycle was Sustanon 250mg plus 200mg Deca per week and I kept about 8 pounds, so you may want to go for more as Tyson says. Bill Roberts says this stuff about the first cycle is wrong, but he also says that you ought to be pretty safe with a gram a week. You may also want to consider HCG and finasteride. Again, search the forum. Best of luck.

I see why not to take the proviron now. Thanks. But if I were to take the clomid during the sust. cycle wouldn’t that do the same thing as the proviron pretty much? Do I really need to take clomid during the cycle if I am only going to be taking 250mg?

The Proviron is not an effective anti-e - my simple minded understanding is that it’s more an anti-androgen. Clomid is a mildly effective anti-e. Do you need it? Perhaps not on this dose, but everyone’s sensitivity to e and levels of aromatase differ so do you want to take the risk? Having started with such a low dose myself I’m keen to encourage you to be a bit more adventurous whilst playing safe, but it’s your body and your call. Just remember that if you do a light cycle and get disappointing results then you’ll have to wait quite a while before having another try. Whatever you do I wish you the best of luck. Cheers, Phil.

Thanks for all the good advice Phil. How long would I have to wait, after a cycle like this to start another cycle?

The general recommendation is that you should be off at least as much as you’re on, and I guess that staying off for more time than you’re on is safer to a degree. So if you do six weeks on you should take at least 6-8 weeks off. Also don’t forget that even at this dosage you’re going to get suppression of your own natural T. For my first cycle I couldn’t get either clomid or hcg (I used Novaldex during the cycle) and so I used high dose Tribex at the end of the cycle to try and get my nuts back online. Tribex is a wonderful product but the old version at least wasn’t quite as effective as clomid and hcg IMO. I’ve recently used HCG mid-cycle and the increased feeling of well being was quite marked.