Sustanaon 250 & Norandren 50

Today is my first day on the fat fast diet. Due to lack of funds I can not purhase all of the supps everybody else is using. I have MD6, and am taking one redi-ject of sus 250 every 5 days to help me maintain my LBM. I also have some norandren 50, would this help me if I also use some of this? ( I had this gear and figured it would work, and it is costing me nothing) I’m sure I could do some research and find out but, due to school I don’t have alot of extra time. Since there seems to be many educated people on this subject that use this forum, I was hoping somebody could help me out. I plan on staying on this diet for three weeks. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks- SAL

It’s just me,please somebody let me know what you think, THANKS-