Brock, what do you think?

Brock, I am considering trying the fat fast diet for 2-3 weeks. I am 220 lbs. and around 18% BF. My problem is when ever I drastically try to decrease my body fat, I lose quite a bit of muscle. I am 24 yrs. old and have been every where between 190 and 260 lbs. in the last three years. But, never happy with what I look like. I am considering taking one redi-ject of SUSTANON 250 every five days for 2-3 weeks along with MD6 while attempting the fat fast diet. What do you think? My ultimate goal is to rapidly lose some fat, then attempt losing a bit more w/out any anabolics. Once I lose the fat, I plan on hitting a real cycle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -SAL

Sorry I’m not Brock, but if I can chime in here anyway…
If you are going to have any sort of success with the fat fast you will need something to keep you from losing a substantial amount of muscle. Sus would definitely work but I’m not sure if what you mentioned would be quite enough. More importantly in my mind is that you will experience a bit of bloat which would be discouraging. I think that you would do fine or even better with AndroSol. If you are dead set on steroids I would personally prefer tren or winny.

Deniz, thanks for the advice, I have used these steroid alternatives before w/ no success, and for the money would rather use real gear. My problem is that I have been out of the loop for years, and don’t know where to get legit shit. I happen to have some sos’s around from when I went to Mexico. Basically bought them, just because they were there. I’d like to know why you don’t feel that this amount would be enough? I only want to take it to not lose any muscle. I don’t plan on putting any on from the SOS. I am trying to get full blown back into my training, and when the time is right I will start using gear to put on size. Basically my reasoning behind using the sos right now, is simply because I hav it.I also have 60 tabs of stenox, which I know are very toxic. I believe they are used to get a harder look once already lean, which I am not. I also have a bottle of dianabol from Panama, which I don’t think is real. The bottle is brown, w/ a yellow label the company is Ciba Geigy S.A. The box is plain white, but it has the same exact label as the bottle wrapped around it, kinda fishy to me. If you know anything more than I do about these products, please let me know. Thanks for the info. -SAL