Surge leading to longer workouts?

My question to the nutrition gurus is this: now that I am splitting my Surge, won’t I have enough glycogen avaiable for training sessions longer than an hour? I’m having trouble making myself stop at the 45 minute mark these days. I just want to keep going. Although, wasn’t the reason for 45 minute training sessions based on neurological response rather than “nutrition” availability? Thanks.

The main reason that short workouts are recommended is that during long workouts T levels beign to fall and cortisol levels rise.
Carbs will help with the cortisol issue somewhat, but you shouldn’t lengthen your workouts unless you are using some type androgen and even then you should only do it if you absolutely have to.
If you are already consuming a diet with carbs then you already have plenty of glycogen stored in your body. This is not something you need to worry about.
One thing that I think you should try is a blend of BCAA and glutamine before a workout and Surge afterwards. Leaving out the carbs before the workout will help with your performance.

What works good for me is taking 40 grams of Optimum Nutrition’s BCAA powder mixed with a serving of Ultimate Punch and 10 grams of glutamine, then surge postworkout

I often find that I’m not training intensely enough if I want to keep going longer than my scheduled workout.