Has anybody read the book Supertraining sugguested by Dave Tate? If so, what kind of info did it contain and what are your personal thoughts on the book?

I have read Supertraining, and I will tell you it’s the best book that deals with strength and conditioning ever! However, if you’re looking for a book that contains quick fix routines it’s not your best bet. Supertraining is more of a text book than a typical bodybuilding book. It’s worth every penny you pay for it, but if you don’t have a strong background in exercise phys, or biomechanics, it will be a struggle to read. If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for then by all means get it!

Bought it and read it. Ditto to the other thread. Not so much understanding it, but having the patience to read and re- read in some cases. Definetely textbook material. You can glean some practical use which would transfer to workouts, but, any routines suggested by Westside incorporate the basics that the book espouses.