Supercardrives - One More Attempt

I haven’t seen much variation in resistance vs listed weight on any of the machines i’ve used, and i’ve probably been to ~30+ gyms over the last 10 years. You’re likely at that true weight, but the weight you’re doing isn’t unreasonably heavy - you’re just ready to increase weight/reduce reps in my opinion.

Wasn’t aware of this until I was informed by @mnben87 - I believe you should continue with this weight, or do slow progression with it until you are comfortable with this movement. DONT fuck yourself up chasing weight here, you’re doing fine.

As for plank, nothing wrong with doing it for 20s but if you are - you should try it in a much diferent light. Try this to stick with 20s planks…

“A plank is a perfect example of total body tension and co-contractive forces. It’s a battle of near-maximal contractile strength from all areas (shoulders, abs, glutes, low back and quads) to produce a steel beam in human form, able to withstand any external forces.” - Dean Somerset
TL;DR: Do a regular plank, then contract literally every muscle in your body as hard as you can and hold it for the prescribed duration.

Nothing wrong with sticking to a program, I do believe you need some minor adjustments but overall i think you’re doing just fine. Keep it up

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Thanks man, great response, highly appreciate it. I’ll definitely push myself harder, I’m also having decent amount of calories now so I don’t think recovery should trouble me that much. My main biggest goal within a year is to get the 225 bench for 5, I’m at 145-150 right now so "just’ 80 more :slight_smile:

Thanks bro, appreciate it. Let’s keep grindin :pray:

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I found out that one of the machines at my gym is what I believe half the listed weight. It is one that looks like this.


I believe what is going on is that the weight listed is if you use both sides in a fly type exercise. I just don’t believe I can actually do 180 lbs for decent form cable curls for 10 reps lol.

Can you get video of your deadlifts from the side next time? For your third time doing these, they look pretty good. Since you are learning the movement still, I would not do touch and gos – I’d pull from a dead stop each time. Also, it looks like you’re almost stiff legging these. I think the touch and go reps may be contributing to this.

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for these machines - the listed weights vary widely (it depends on how many pulleys). The machines we were talking about are for quad ext and ham curl though, I can’t say i have seen much variation (or extra pulleys) in either of those.

Agree. Those should be pretty accurate. How hard 100 lbs feels on one machine vs another is a different story though. We have a preacher curl machine with a crazy aggressive cam, and I struggle to do 10 reps with 60 lbs. Stopped doing it so I could use 180 lbs (which is actually 90 lbs I believe) on the other machine lol.

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With deadlift in particular, I want to always be a bit more careful just in case. I do hope I’ll get better at this movement in general. It would be cool to be able to do it with 3 plates, but I am not going to stress myself over it and try to rush it there or do crazy hard reps.

My biggest goal is still definitely bench press, 225 for 5. That is something i have been dreaming about for a while, really want to hit it this year (not 2021 but within a year or before I turn 24).

Do you have deadlifting shoes and a belt?

I just have regular shoes from Addidas but no belt. I was under the impression these weights are far too light right now to require any belt

Definitely don’t rush the deadlift – getting the form dialed in now is what you want – but as between bench and deadlift, you definitely look like you’re built to deadlift more than you are to bench.


God dammit hahahahaha :rofl:
I dont even train deadlift (maybe did it 15 times my whole life total) but I definitely trained bench way more :rofl: that sucks, but still gonna try for the 225 bench

No more coolwhip :slight_smile:


I think @burt128 means you’re structurally built more for deadlifts than Bench, which is a purely genetic thing. For myself, my monkey arms and short legs are built for deadlifts but not for presses. It doesn’t mean I can’t improve either by training, but that I’ll always have a mechanical advantage on deadlifts that I don’t on presses.


We haven’t seen the video yet, but I can almost guarantee you’re just not creating a lot of tension on the bench. Once you learn to get your body stable and really grip the bar, your weights will jump up.

That’s all a wild guess from watching your deadlift video.

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Yeah man hoping technique can be improved. I’ll be gettin it Monday (next bench session).

Yes, this exactly. I’m the opposite – I have T Rex arms. Bench came easy but I fought tooth and nail for every pound on the deadlift after a certain point.

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This new diet has been… interesting.
2500 calories, high protein and most importantly, not IIFYM.

The most interesting thing is that ever since I stopped eating junk (approximately 4 weeks ago), I’ve completely lost all cravings for it which is… great.
These days my diet is mainly sweet potatoes, chicken breast, chicken thigh, 0% greek yoghurt, protein granola, whey/casein protein, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, eggs, onions.

I guess this something big I was missing; I didn’t have the internal voice and kept losing the fight between the side that wanted to sacrifice future goals for current pleasure. I’m not thinking about “cheat meals,” and this is coming from someone who was having Pizza Hut basically every week (sometimes several days in a row).

Weird life indeed, I guess I just needed a hard push in the face of reality. Just need to keep this focus and give it everything, everyday; I can’t say it doesn’t feel … good.



19 November 2021 - General Stuff:

  • Weighed in at 78.5 kg, again, looks like weight is consistent at 2450-2600 calories
  • Slept 5h49m

*19 November 2021

  • 3 x 6 - Military press
  • 3 x 12 - 30 lb DB Lateral raise
  • 3 x 15 - 115 lb on rear delt flye machine
  • 2 x 12 - 90 lb on tricep extension machine, controlling eccentric and concentric
  • 2 x 12 - 30 lb DB seated supinated curl


Ugh. Not criticizing you, just the pizza. That stuff is such crap.

Good job on nixing that habit.


I was in the same boat for a long time. Then I switched to sumo, and my bench and deadlift are now fairly balanced (currently at 385 / 600). Maybe sumo took me out of a unfavorable position. I know for some people, the amount they can lift off of small blocks (1-2") can really go up compared to off the floor. Maybe that switching to sumo just got me out of a position I am very weak in? IDK, but I am not embarressed to deadlift anymore.

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