Super srength substitutions

Hello t Peeps…I need some help with Ian King’s upper body program… i lift at home so my resources aren’t bad but limited. My problem is I cannot do the decline DB press because i don’t have a decline bench. I just started today and the program is brutal. Only other problems is i’d like to keep some power and would like to use the Deadlift and Hang clean in my routine somwhere not sure where to add them or if to add them at all… My shoulders felt much worse than my chest today even tho it is a chest spec. program, no way i coulda done a clean today…any suggestions or answers to my questions…greatly appreciated thanks, Mike

Hey Mike,
I just started Ian King’s program yesterday, so I feel your pain! Plus I don’t have the greatest shoulders in the world, so they get a bit sore. Imagine how my ego felt pumping out my final set of flat benches with 15 lb dumbbells. That’s hardcore!

Anyway, I don’t know if I’d want to do any other upper body movements on this program. But that’s your call …

Here is the schedule I’m on (incorporating a leg routine and ab workout). Because I’m trying to gain some explosive power and speed in my legs for BMX racing, I’m only going heavy with my legs once per cycle, and I alternate between hams and quads each cycle. The other day I do sprints on my bike:

DAY 1: Upper Body Workout #1
Day 2: Legs (heavy) / post workout light aerobics
Day 3: Early morning light aerobics
Day 4: Upper Body Workout #2
Day 5: Bike Sprints
Day 6: Off

As for the decline bench … do you have a flat bench? If so, can you stack something under one side (so long as it stays stable)? That could work … just be careful of your balance.

Let me know your progress with this workout. I’m hitting it on full tilt.

Hey Grant wazzup. thanks for droppin me the info…i think i might try that w the flat bench. Surprisngly not alot of soreness the next day except around my ribs in the serratus, and a little bit in my shoulders but the weights weren’t heavy(hell they couldn’t be) I tried to avoid failure but i was doin the 21’s on the lat raises with 10 lb rubber coated db’s! Also i didn’t do alot of warmup sets becuz i didn’t have weights light enouygh haha. I find this program to be difficult when lifting alone so i take a one min rest between tri sets to set up the next tri set, it is tough changing the flat benc to incline and so on…but hey its all part of the game…i’m hoping to se great improvement from this program. I’m doin this schedule. tues, upper body A ,thurs legs(not sure gonna find out today how i wanna do this w/o) Sat- Upper body B. Cardio 2 x aweek(wantto make it three) 1 day interval , another light. How long did this program take ya to complete?. Any other T-men have Ian king results out there?

Hey Mike,
There’s nothing like being in a gym surrounded by big guys while I’m grunting, breathing like a woman in labor, to force up a 10-pound dumbbell! At least I have my clip board so it looks like I have a plan!

If I can’t find light-enough weights for warm-ups, I’ll just do it with my workout weight …


I only started on Monday ... so I won't know for quite some time what the results are. I am, however, combining the routine with the best massive eating diet I can put together (see a post I'm going to write in a minute).

I’m going to do cardio 3 times a week as I want to do everything I can to avoid fat gains (and I’m ok with sacrificing some gains for this). Interval may be one day early morning, otherwise my two others will be post-workout, after legs.