Substitution of anabolics

In part II # II of Brian B.'s article on how to construct a steroid cycle. It mentions two drugs that I do not have access to. In Part II It requiers fomestane. In part III it mentions testosterone undecanoate capsules. I was looking for suggestions for substitutions for these items. I was also going to add Anavar to the Winstrol and Primobolan portion of Part III. Any suggestions and what do you think of the addition of Anavar.
Thanks K

There has been previous discussion of this on the forum, which a search should turn up. Brief version, forget about the “problem” of not being able to get formestane or testosterone undecanoate, because they are not
good choices anyway.

I don’t know why BB likes formestane.
It sucks…Arimidex is a MUCH better choice.