Subluxed knee

I was wondering what the best type of rehab wrt weight training would be best for a subluxed knee cap. it was only out for about a min since i put it back myself. was only on crutches for 2 days and xrays no misalignment, etc, just some very small shavings? (not the best word) doc after 2 weeks said had to train my VMO which is only involved in the last 5 degrees of leg extension and to do just isometric work for 10 mins 3x/day. that is not challenging or painful in the least. i can do islateral extensions and even presses painlesslly but should i? the only thing left is a little amount of swelling (3 weeks) and a little pain preventing 100% effort contraction and i cannot get into full flexion cause of a lot of pain or tension along the front of knee. suggestions please?

I had the same thing happen to me playing Basketball about 1.5 years ago. I’ve had ortho surgery on both knees due to synovial fluid swelling and torn cartilage. Well, after a year my knee still has visible fluid swelling but I decided to do squats regardless because the knee feels fine.

People said I was nuts but my knee feels great after 4 months of squats and I swear the swelling has subsided some.

I believe if you’ve had it checked and there is no damage, just let it tighten back up and start lifting light.

I would also give squats a tr, but proceed with caution and use good form. Maake sure those toes don’t push out over the knees much, or you could overstrain the area again.
If there is an ART practitoner around, get a treatment on it I usually have to treat such things about three - four times for good resolution of the pain. You could have some adhesions aroung the VM or adductor area. There also could be a problem in the hip flexor and rectus region. Hope this helps.

Im currently studying Physiotherapy in here in Sweden. The latest treatment regime Ive seen for patellae problems is as follows.

  1. Stabilize the patellae in the opposíte direction of the original sublux by adhesive sports tape

  2. Train for example squats (a closed chain exercise) without going to far down , maybe halfway. And if doing
    legextensions (open chain) do not fully extend.
    This due to the different angles of pull the exercises cause.

  3. Gradually increase the range of motion and load to normal within 6 weeks .

After a workout cool the knee with a coldpack or ice for about 15-20 minutes, this eases pain and reduces swelling.
When doing the exercises whatch out for increase swelling after exercise, if it occurs you have pushed it too far .Take it real easy the next workout and see what happends with the swelling. You could try to add 15-20 min of riding a stationary bike to “pump” out the fluid from the knee.

This is of course just a rough set of guidelines and tips , hope this helps some.