stretching routines

Anyone have any book recommendations? I’ve seen (online) a couple by Pavel, and one by Kurz, called Scientifically Stretching. I’m looking for something I can use to put together a brief nightly program. Any favorites?



One by Ian King:

One by Coach Davies (end of article):

I have used and like the Kurz book. Great for martial arts.

Have been using Pavels book for about a year. Is easy to read and understand and the stretches definitely work. Books kinda pricey though, might check for used copy at discount

Thanks all…I’ll check out your recommendations.


I would also recommend that you check out some books on yoga, especially for an evening stretch routine. A few good yoga poses with the proper breathing will give you a good stretch and get you “wound down” for sleep. I don’t know any off the top of my head, but look for something by Rodney Yee, Baron Babtiste, or David Swenson.

I’ve heard alot of people recommend stretching scientifically. Anyone else? What did it help you do that other books didn’t. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I have utilized and enjoyed Pavel’s books for over a year now.