Pavel tsatsouline

I’m wondering if anyone here has read his books or watched his videos and what you think of his techniques for training/stretching etc,

I’m especially interested in any feedback on his strength training techniques.

I think that Pavel has some great ideas and that his book is worth picking up. I just ordered his “Rapid Response Swat training Program” and will probably write a review for it and submit it ti t-mag in the future. His book “Power to the People” is a good read. However the program is very basic and is more targeted towards novice lifters. I like his ideas of not training to failure and lifting 5-6 days a week as I have tried similar programs that worked very well for me.

Pavel’s Book “Beyond Stretching” is one of the best books on flexibility available, I highly recommend it.

Great stuff, Kevin, but I think his emphasis is more on functional strengh. If your emphasis is in law enforcement, martial arts, advanced military training (or basic if just enlisting); anything where you have to be flexible, mobile and strong, he is one of the best. However, aesthetics is merely a secondary benefit from gaining functional strength. Hey; that’s okay. I’ve learned that there are a lot of T-Mag readers looking for that functional strength “edge”…not just to “look good nekkid…” his work is the ticket…

I have his videos (Almost all of them except the swat training as it was 200+ yipe.) and they are very beneficial and get to the crux of the matters. I do not need the yeah ra ra crap just give me the facts as you see them I will extapolate what works for me and be on my way. I really like his information however I go for functional strenght and martial arts style training so it fits me to a t. However I also follow a BB routine half the year as well as I have learned that both size and power play a role so it really depends on your goals

basically, i think he is one of the few people int he strength/exercise field that has a clue what they are talking about when it comes to stretching…he understands the mechanisms which determine your flexibility limits, the underlying causes of what causes you to be flexible and to what point. recommend reading him